And it did not even take long for Sam Sumana to learn that two hot-headed men do not a wise team make . He was  given the  proverbial lesson of the result of the pride and also the blind leading the blind , as his new lawyer, Mr. Charles Margai, soon led him into a spectacular embarrassment .

According to reports from various sources yesterday, the equally haughty Charles Margai impudently ill-advsed Mr. Sam-Sumana not to share the gallery with the public as he used to do but to mount the high place and sit   with members of the bar because he was a special client . Any humble man would have smelt the rat and  heeded the warning of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ : “But when you are invited, take the lowest place, so that when your host comes, he will say to you, ‘Friend, move up to a better place.’ Then you will be honored in the presence of all the other guests” (Luke 14 : 10 ).

When the five Supreme Court judges entered, they found an anomaly in court as a non-lawyer was comfortable seated among lawyers , instead of down the public gallery. Lawyer Berthan Macauley, representing the Defence in this case , objected to the encroachment by Sam Sumana .The former VP’s lawyer argued that since the Attorney General, Mr. Frank Kargbo, representing the plaintiff , was also seated there, his client had a right too to be there. Sam Sumana’s new lawyer did not even know that while it was a standard legal procedure for the titular head of the bar (The Attorney General )  to be seated together with members of the bar , somebody who was not a lawyer by any means had no right to be seated there.

Mr. Sumana was asked to leave and the former VP shamefully had to climb down to go seat with the public.

As if that was not  enough, the one-time VP  stepped out of the court at the end of the day after his lawyer’s request for an adjournment had been granted , to face another embarrassing  moment as indignant youths had massed outside the court to demonstrate against him. Though the act was deplorable as it was a violation of the Emergency Regulations, Sam Sumana’s supporters provoked this reaction from the youths as they had been mustering strong to hail him each time he entered and left the court. What does it take Mr. Sumana to restrain his unruly supporters ? Well, it rebounded at him yesterday as youths sent a message that there are many reasons for a legitimate demonstration against the former VP.

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