Lessons learnt from President Ernest Koroma’s ‘Thank You’ Tour

By Ahmed Allie Kamara
The head of state of the republic of Sierra Leone, His Excellency, Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma, with his entourage went on a thank you tour to Kenema, Bo and the Northern Provincial headquarter town of Makeni. His entourage included the United Kingdom High Commissioner in Sierra Leone and the UK consul.The President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma with his delegation were received in Kenema by the Eastern Province Residence Minister, Hon. Maya Kai Kai and was met by many Kailahun and Kono people.CHIEF-MOBILIZER-777x437At the Kenema town hall, Hon. Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma was given a very warm welcome as the crowd showed their fullest appreciation, especially for the indomitable APC party’s victory in the last bye-elections in that area. The Kenema city Mayor welcomed the President with his entourage but in his speech failed to reflect on any form of development taking place or done in and around Kenema. In his statement, he emphasized concerns in such a way as:
” Master if u bin dae ya, Kenema nor bin fo get bad roads; master, if u bin dae ya, den nor fo bin don sel Kenema land den” ( guessing that goes for the Minister of Lands, country planning and the Environment, Hon. Musa Tarawalie). He talked about the staste of the member of parliament from that area over money meant for the district council.

The Resident Minister East, Hon. Maya Kai Kai, responded as thus: ” Na wa Master dae ya, we get a good road to Segbwema, na wa Master dae ya, we pipul continue to show loyalty to de APC party”.

The Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Hon. Diana Konomani, in her statement appreciated the role played by the Paramount Chiefs during the fight to free our nation from the Ebola virus disease out break. She advised Chiefs not to be complacent in the Ebola issue and asked them, as leaders to continue staying string to end the crisis. Lady Diana promised that she would try to set back the suspended Chiefs during the Ebola period. The local Government minister with emphasis said they she appreciates the way the Ebola went, because, today we could see H. E. Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma, smiling to the Chiefs. She promised the Chiefs that she will engage with the Minister of Energy Amb. Hon. Macualey, in discussion over the set up of solar lights systems for all 149 chiefdoms.

The chairman of NERC, Rtd Alfred Paolo Conteh, in his statement thanked medical workers, the NERC representatives, the civilian populace and the Ebola virus survivors for their great role in the fight against Ebola. He made emphasis on the continued swift operations of the 117 call number. He reminded them that Ebola is not yet finished as yet. He advised that we must be more proactive in this fight particularly during these last 90 days to end Ebola. Paolo asked the Chiefs to be more active on the surveillance of our borders.

The President in his statement thank the Kenema people for their role towards the ending of ebola. He responded to the mayor speech as, ” if u du watin master tel u fo du, problem nor go dae”. He said, he is concerned with the health of the people. The WHO has declared us Ebola free but now, is the time for us to be more proactive and take responsibility do that Ebola does not return, said the President. He advised the audience to monitor the operations of NGO’s around them and that whatever they do must reflect on the people and areas of the villages. We should not allow the incident of Liberia to come here and after our Ebola fight, we must embrace ourselves. The Ebola survivors should not be marginalized and that we must improve on the state of the survivors such as the issues if after or side effects, etc, he said.

Also, he advised the survivors to adhere and stick to the recommendations of the health sector. He suggested especially to the community residents that collective responsibility and incvludsive participation could stop Ebola from coming back to Sierra Leoine. H. E. Reminded the crowd that when Ebola came, the government ran at a loss, however, towards the recovery program, we will try to regain all the loss. He said the Ebola showed us how weak our health sector use to be, therefore, we will try to further strengthen the health sector and we will also try to provide more and better facilities for schools. The President said that the private sector need to be empowered and asked all to be vigilant as many protects are now in the pipeline; that checks and balances of all projects in the chiefdoms must be observed. He warned that he himself will crosscheck.
In Bo, the President women on a spot check.

After his speech, one of the girls in the school rose up and showed H. E. The only single book she ever got from the school. Instantaneously, H. E. Reacted or asking the principal of the school as to the whereabout of the rest of the book for he knew each student must be given four books. The principal answered that they are in the store. The President sounding unhappy timed that the books must not be kept in any store but must be given to the students.

The President also passed the same messages and thanks to Make no and Freetown.

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