MOHAMED SOWE : I JOINED APC TO HELP LEADER REALIZE DREAM OF A NEW SIERRA LEONEThursday June 1, 2006One of the new voices that caught the attention of attendants at the recent All People’s Congress ( APC) Fund-raising ceremonies and town meeting  in New Jersey , Mr. Mohamed Sowe, has told COCORIOKO  that he joined the APC  to help the part’s leader , Ernest Koroma, realize his dreams of a new Sierra Leone

Mr. Sowe said that he is one of those who has  the belief that Sierra Leone needs an infusion of new blood into her politics to make any socio-economic and political progress. . He espoused that new ideas and new initiatives were needed to rebuild Sierra Leone and bring her back to her old glory because the old, recycled ideas of the redundant politicians had failed the country. . In the APC Leader, Mr. Sowe stated that he saw a man who fitted the bill .

Sowe praised Mr. Ernest Koroma’s youth and fresh  political initiatives and he said he joined the APC  because he wanted to  help see these initiatives  held by the APC Leader implemented in Sierra Leone for the good of the nation.

Mr. Sowe stated that Sierra Leone has enormous potentials and he saw no need for the situation in the country , but he lamented that one really needed to go to Sierra Leone to see how our people are suffering. He pointed that poverty was a stark reality in Sierra Leone, but he postulated that such situations should not have been happening to Sierra Leone, of all countries because she was very rich in mineral and other material resorces.

Mr. Sowe, who is Internal Auditor of the APC North American Branch and Secretary General of the New Jersey Chapter  shared  his political ideas with COCORIOKO   during the fund-raising and  graciously granted COCORIOKO  an interview.  holds a B.SC in Accounting and an MBA  and is a Senior Underwriter at the Wachovia Bank in New Jersey.


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