Listen and judge for yourself : The full video report of the special press conference on the Tripartite Elections Review Committee

COCORIOKO NEWSPAPER brings you in full the live video coverage of the Special Ministry of Information press conference on the internationally mediated Tripartite Committee ‘s progress report and signing of the Terms of Reference of the committee.

The committee is reviewing the disputed 2023 elections bold- facedly stolen by President Maada Bio and other elections with  view to setting up full proof structures that will ensure that elections are no longer stolen in Sierra Leone , as was done by President Bio, who is under international sanctions for his criminal action.

While the SLPP are insisting that the Committee’s recommendations will only impact future elections, the opposition APC are entertaining the hope that the tripartite committee might recommend rerun of the elections. On the other side of the spectrum, many Sierra Leoneans are skeptical about the outcome of the committee .

Listen for yourself and make your own judgements.

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