NADP Expresses Concern Over NEC Chairman’s Resignation!



For Immediate Release

 September 13, 2004

 The National Alliance Democratic Party (NADP) of Sierra Leone is aware of the recent resignation of the Chairman of the National Electoral Commission, Mr. Eugene Davies.  One of the reasons for Mr. Davies’ resignation as reported in the papers and other news sources is, “massive political interference” into the running of the Electoral Commission.  At issue is the Koya Ward 3 Local Government Elections.  Several news sources quoting Mr. Davies have said that Mr. Abdul Sultan Kamara, the SLPP candidate, did not win the election.

 The National Alliance Democratic Party views this latest development in our fragile democracy as a serious problem that could undermine the gains that the people of Sierra Leone have achieved to sustain peace and democracy and ensure future free and fair elections in the country.  The National Alliance Democratic Party condemns actions from current and future governments that could destroy the achievements gained by the people of Sierra Leone for lasting peace and unity.  NADP wishes to go on record in declaring that the NADP will encourage and support only honest spirit of political pluralism and democratic participation in the affairs of Sierra Leone.

 The National Alliance Democratic Party is therefore calling on the ruling government, in pursuance of the laws governing elections in Sierra Leone, to allow a free and fair investigation of the Koya Ward 3 local election issues.   We strongly support and urge the government to take measures that will eliminate any form of future interference into the workings of the National Electoral Commission by a reigning government.

  Upon the completion of a thorough and appropriate investigation into the Koya Ward 3 election issue and other matters of government interference into the workings of the National Electoral Commission, we urge, without governmental interference, appropriate legal measures to punish those who may have broken the electoral laws of Sierra Leone and to eliminate any iota of doubt in the neutrality of the National Electoral Commission and the ruling government.  

Abu-Hassan Koroma, Founder, President & CEO

21st Century African Youth Movement
P.O.Box 8582 Madison, Wisconsin 53708-8582

Contact: Mohamed Yahya. Sillah, Chairman, (NADP)

Telephone:  404-680-8425

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Abu-Hassan (Askia) Koroma, National Secretary-General (NADP)

Telephone: 608-274-8542

E-mail: [email protected]


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