Saturday December 10, 2005
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“Na dem sef to dem sef, so leave them alone, they will sort themselves out- Vice
President Berewa and Mr. Charles Margai”

In another words, you are seriously saying that ” an eye, for an eye” is good.
So, we all should sit on the side lines and let them blind the whole of Sierra

I am with the great Critical thinker. His anology in this Vice President Berewa
and Mr. Charles Margai’s issue is the best yet. The fact is, we do not know
which is which.

All the facts are not out yet.

But, if Mr. Charles Margai even remotely incited the breach of the peace and
thus endangering the Vice President, then his arrest would be lawful, because no
one should be above the law. In fact, ngo Charles Margai should no it better. As
it is clearly stated in the Bible, ” to do on to others, as you would like
others to do on to you”. RESPECT, RESPECT, AND RESPECT.

How ever, if it comes out that the SLPP government is on a political witch hunt,
then the SLPP government is cutting corners with our democracy.

I was one of those who had accused the APC during the Siaka Stevens era, as a
party who was in the habit of eliminating the opposition. This is terrible for
our democracy.

Readers, let us forget about all the isms ie. tribalism, sectionalism,nationalism
etc. the generic fact is, WE ARE ALL SIERRA LEONEANS. We can not, and must not,
allow any dictator to rule that country.

Even though, we may all have infinite definition of democracy, yet the simple

But if we can not walk, talk, sing or even dance freely in our own country,
because of fear of the iron hands of our leaders, then our democracy is a joke.

Yes, there is nothing like absolute freedom, but a freedom to mingle with our
supporters as long as is within the frame work of the law, should never be
usurped by any leader.

Again, Mr. Unbelievable, ” an eye, for an eye” will make the whole world blind.

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