Police Boss, EU observers and witnesses say it was the SLPP that attacked the APC in Kamalo

Contrary to a press release from the opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party and a social media comment by party presidential candidate , Maada Bio , that he and SLPP  supporters came under attack in Kamalo yesterday, the Sierra Leone Police, the European Union ( EU)  and witnesses have given a different version about the political violence in the Northern conclave of the ruling All People’s Congress ( APC ).

We bring you all the highlights :

  1. The Police LUC  for Kamalo  has in a media report ontradicted reports by the SLPP  that their leader and supporters were attacked by the APC at Kamalo, home of the APC Presidential candidate, Dr. Samura Kamara. The Police Boss confirmed that it was the SLPP who  attacked the APC. The LUC’s version is not different from the accounts you are going to read below.
  2. See front page headline of the story in the AYV Newspaper.

SLPP masterminds aggression in Kamalo!

*As SLPP plays victim in the recent Kamalo issue;* cognisant to the fake story narrated by my brother from a different mother and father, Ibrahim Misheal Kallon, *EU observers now affirm that the aggression of SLPP against the locals of Kamalo was uncalled for,* in what is now dubbed as *”Reverse Psychology@Ibrahim Misheal Kallon _slpp.fakeNews”.*

It is said *”he who is first to point the finger of blame is often not blameless”.*

*The True Story:*
EU observers confirm: *”SLPP entered the town of Kamalo and insisted on pasting political posters on a Private cinema center and other private property, to which the youth rejected”.* This seemed to have infuriated the SLPP kamajors, who tore off posters of Dr Samura Kamara, the presidential candidate of the All Peoples Congress, whose birth place is Kamalo”.

*Initial Stance of APC:*
SLPP’s despotic, unfair, unwise & unprovoked attack in Kamalo will not prompt APC to take matters into our hands. *We await the relevant authorities to deliberate the matter based on the evidence presented by the European Union Observers, who witnesses the unfortunate incident.*

As the Global Voice of APC, I ask all comrades to resist intimidation and focus on position election campaign trail…precipitated by our open inclusive social values that in the APC, we pull each other up. We draw strength from our victory and learn from our mistakes…but we keep our eyes fixed on that distance horizon, knowing that Providence is with us…in March 2018.

*Mohammed 91 Sesay*

What SLPP/Maada left behind in Kamalo

Posted by Sylvester Sheku Suaray on Wednesday, February 21, 2018


APC Chairman of Karene District Dr. Wurror Jalloh Sets the Record Straight*

Following the recent violence which erupted in the Kamalo hometown of APC presidential candidate Dr. Samura Kamara, in Karene District perpetrated by SLPP supporters, calm has returned to the town after police intervened and arrested a number of trouble-makers who are connected to the SLPP.

According to APC Chairman of Karene District, the indefatigable Dr. Alhaji Wurroh Jalloh, calm has returned to the town after the commotion. He added that the problem was caused by the SLPP who he accused of entering the town unannounced and in a rowdy manner which caused chaos and people started running helter-skelter for dear life.

According to him, it is normal for police personnel to be around to provide security for parties during campaigns. In the case of the SLPP however, it is not known why they deliberately refused to seek police clearance and security when they want to campaign in an area that is totally APC, taking into consideration the fact that the APC presidential candidate was born and bred in Kamalo and his people are totally in his support for the simple fact that he is their son and about to become president of this country.


Political analysts are of the view that the SLPP was out to create commotion that fateful day; the reason why they did not go through the due process to first formally seek police clearance and then request police security to see that the process is peaceful.

These analysts say there is no way the SLPP could have pretended that they are ignorant of this fact and so the SLPP deliberately went to Kamalo to cause commotion and dent the credibility of the electoral process so far.

Meanwhile, the APC Chairman Karene District, Dr. Alhaji Wurroh Jalloh is calling on all APC supporters in his district to stay calm and obey the law. He urged all APC supporters across the country not to engage in violent activities because the APC is not a violent party and because the APC does not need to engage in violent activities to win the next election because it is an established fact that the APC is going to win the election at first ballot and there would be no need for a run-off.

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Jeffrey Macarthy Kabs-Kanu: that’s absolutely not true …..but there’s one thing I know in Sierra Leone. From perspective its that posterity always judge’s and vindicates the righteous one’s

Paul Saffa :  Wilfred Leeroy Kabs-kanu, ironically the Police chief gave the interview in first person , but when asked if he was present , he said he met the situation had coiled down. My question is why didn’t he use the word ‘alleged’ or ‘ from an eye witness ‘in describing the incident. That would have saved him his day. Like I often say, I don’t believe in political parties but principles and policies and the rule of law 

SLPP’s  Abdulai Brima posted the following report on Facebook :

A few hours ago today (20/02/2018), in what many have concluded was a planned assassination attempt on the SLPP presidential candidate, the retired brigadier Julius Maada Bio and members of his campaign team, came under heavy attack inside Khamalo, the hometown of APC’s Samura Kamara.

Three members of the convoy reportedly sustained serious injuries and at least two vehicles damaged. Three of the escorting motorbikes were commandeered by the attackers and completely burnt down as the SLPP team quickly manoeuvred and retreated their way out of the town.

Today’s stop in Khamalo was part of the agreed to and documented official campaign schedule which took the SLPP campaign team through several towns and villages in the Kambia, Karina and the Bombali districts, including Samaya Tambaka where they were very well received.

As soon as the SLPP team entered Khamalo town centre, escorted by official government security guards, and were ushered to the spot where the meeting with the townspeople was supposed to take place, they found themselves surrounded by a hostile mob of stick and stone wielding people who immediately started pelting them with stones in what appears to be a pre-planned and well calculated attempt on the lives of the SLPP leadership.

Everyone had to try to beat a fast retreat under a hail of stones and sticks.

At the time of writing the convoy is on its way to Freetown.

Another report reaching us also indicates that a group of SLPP members were today violently attacked in Kalangba.


The confirmation by the Police Chief that it was the SLPP  that attacked the APC is being debated all over the nation as Sierra Leoneans pray for a peaceful election.



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