Some people have bad demons and bad luck behind them : Be careful who you respond to and quarrel with

Some people have serious bad luck or evil spirits behind them : if you quarrel with them, their bad luck and evil spirits can affect you too.

Since I learnt this from reading a very useful book on Demonology and Demon possession, I decided to be very careful whom I respond to or quarrel with.

Sadly, there are people with evil spirits behind them and these spirits are responsible for the bad luck that dogs their steps. Once somebody allows himself to be possessed by certain demons through careless living, adultery and fornication , dabbling in juju, the occult and demonic things or engaging in certain tribal rituals , that person is no longer himself. Demons can also enter through anger, unforgiveness and too much plaba-plaba.



If you quarrel with such persons, their demons can transfer to you. They can also transfer through sex. During sex, people exchange not only body fluids. You and the person exchange spirits and you become one in spirit. It is an easy way for demons to enter somebody . 1 Corinthians 6: 16 warns that if somebody goes with a prostitute, he becomes one in spirit with that prostitute. This does not refer only to those on the street. Even women of ill-repute. Any person.

Some of the hard lines, hard times and bad luck people suffer from stem from these demon spirits. That is why at times people pray and pray and see nothing. They have to be delivered first. Thus, deliverance Ministries are very important. This shows that my last post was not an attack on prophets and deliverance ministers. It was rather an attack on people who go to church and leave their pastors and run all over the place looking for holy oil, holy water, extraordinary revelations and prayers. All these things are not bad by themselves but when it is the only reason you go to church and refuse to cultivate a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, then you are treating pastors as if they are Morray men..

Be very careful therefore whom you become one in spirit with. At times, engaging somebody in Mammy cuss and other cuss- cuss activities open you up to demonic attacks and demon possession.

“Making Sarrah ” and going to the graveyard to pray to the dead is another way that demons enter people. In Leviticus 17: 7, God forbade Israel from offering sacrifices to these spirits.

In 2 Chronicles 11, Rehoboam brought God’s judgement on himself and his people by appointing priests to sacrifice to goat and calf idols.

If you do not believe that there are demons and evil spirits that influence and affect human life, study the gospels and read about Jesus Christ’s ministry. You will find out that throughout his ministry, he was casting out demons and spirits from people. Luke 4: 33 speaks of a man who had an unclean demon. Some of these demons are the ones controlling sexual perverts, sexual molesters and rapists.

CONCLUSION : Beware whom you unite your spirit with because demons, evil spirits and bad luck can enter you through them.

But God provided a way. Jesus Christ can deliver you from demon possession.



THERE are only few conditions set for answered prayers. FAITH, INTENSITY, IMPORTUNITY–Jesus’ parable of the widow and the judge – Grace and good intentions. I will deal with each and every one in another post , with the appropriate passages.

There is no where in the Bible that says that certain people have to pray for you for God to answer your prayers. We teach people this day and night but it is surprising that even some men of God do not get it and advice their relatives to call “Mammy This ” , ” Papa This, ” or “Bishop This” , even far away in Freetown or London or Maryland. Some even travel all the way to another state to be prayed for. Who do you trust ? Your prophet or God ?

If you have faith , you can pray by yourself even while in your bathroom and God will answer. You do not need to call any prophet or man and woman of God anywhere for God to answer your prayers. You do not need for somebody to rub holy oil on you for your prayers to be answered. God is not a jujuman .You do not need to have somebody prophesy to you before God answers your prayer. All you need are faith, persistence, intensity, desire, the grace of God and good motives for requesting.

Even men and women of God are unstable and going here and there for Morray man rituals to be performed on them to have answered prayers. Read your bible, man.

You are responsible for the prevalence of cults, false teachings, false prophesies and dictatorship and parsimonious attitudes in the house of God. We – Pastor Tigi and I – stand firmly against such false christianity.

This leads too to false and unrealistic expectations and when all the rub- rub and prophesies do not lead to answered prayers, people get mad and begin looking elsewhere for another Morray man Christian preacher. It is your fault, buddy. You do not read your Bible.

I will start a teaching on this tomorrow so that people will leave this Morray man mentally alone and have faith in God, pray according to what the Bible says and begin to enjoy answered prayers.

Keep a date with these teachings.


Nothing but PRAISE and WORSHIP.

At times when I sit down and remember where the Lord has brought me from since birth, tears roll down my eyes. When I think about all the plots against me that God has destroyed and the many victories God has given me over my haters and adverse circumstances , I shed tears.

My congregation know me for my tears at times when I am preaching or giving testimonies . I tell them not to be confounded because God has brought me through crucibles. If anybody should hold the Lord with two hands, it is me.

Throughout my life, people have plotted against me and circumstances have mlitated against me but God has always given me the victory. If what people wished for me had ever succeeded, I would have been six feet below the earth.

I will begin testifying soon about the many ways God delivered me in Sierra Leone , Liberia and the U.S.

Even my late dad and mum often testified to the goodness of God in my life. Even many of my associates know there is God behind me. The Men of God whom God uses now to at times prophesy things in my life are Apostle Cornelius Mereweather-Thompson and Prophet Abdul Jesus . They can write books on what I am saying now within the short time they have known me.

God is very good , my people , so let us always praise and worship him .

Join me to sing songs of praise and worship to him this evening.

Bread of Life International introduces Sierra Leonean Gospel – IT’S TIME TO PRAISE!!!



John 16 : 22

Jesus Christ , our Lord and Savior , says : ” I will see you again , and your heart shall rejoice, and your joy no man taketh from you. ”

God is capable of bringing you exceeding joy .He is a master joy- giver. He wants you to bathe and walk in joy.

I pray that you receive the joy from God that passeth all understanding. I pray that you receive joyful lips from God, joyful lips that you will use to praise and worship God.

I also pray that no man take from you the joy that God brings to your hearts. We shall rejoice because we have trusted in him , according to Psalm 33: 21. There are many people in this world who want to take your joy from you but God is assuring you today through his word that he will give you joy that no man can take away from you.

As we enter a new month, may you walk with joy on all sides. May God rain down joy into your life. Amen.

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Psalm 145: 16. Thou Openest thine hand , and satisfieth the desire of every living thing.

May God fulfill his promise to you this morning and bless you abundantly. May he provide what you have been trusting him for, and may he bring gladness to your heart.

God is a good and liberal being. He opens his hand and satisfies the desire of every living thing . Just have faith in Him. Faith is very important. Matthew 21: 22 says if you believe you will receive what you ask for in prayer.

Also, do not be afraid to ask him because he wants to bless you. Ask, he said, and you shall receive ( Matthew 7 : 7).

May God bless your desires and pour down a blessing that even you cannot contain. May you come and give testimony to the goodness of God in the congregation.

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