Police helping flood victims in Sierra Leone

 flood destruction

On 16th September 2015 saw what was described as the worst torrential rain fall to have occurred in Freetown the capital of Sierra Leone. The rains caused heavy flooding, rising the water levels to an unprecedented scale in several communities within the Western Area.

The flood waters entered the homes of many residents living in the low lands of Freetown especially around Kroo Bay, Murray Town, Aberdeen, Babadorie, Bomeh and Kissy Brook causing loss of lives and extensive damage to homes and property all about. The water level was very high making most roads in the city to be inaccessible. Some vehicles were swept off the road with the rushing water while some got stuck on the road.



The devastation was so massive everywhere and a good number of people have been displaced.
The Sierra Leone Police which is constitutionally responsible for the protection of lives and property of the people quickly mobilized to respond to the situation. Additional personnel were deployed on the roadsides of many streets to augment the Traffic Personnel who were very instrumental in diverting vehicular traffic to more accessible routes.

The personnel visited the affected communities, assisted in advising the people in these areas to leave their homes for safer areas and from using certain routes for their protection. Most property of the people were drifted outside either by running water or moved to safer places by the owners; the personnel provided the requisite security for the protection of such property.

Most of the people who have been left homeless by the flooding are seeking refuge at the National Stadium and the police have provided security around the Stadium for their protection.

The flooding in Freetown is the second to occur this year. On the 4th of September 2015 three days of heavy deluge of rain rose the water level at the Hungbayei River at Gerihun Town in Bo District in the Southern region of Sierra Leone.

After three days of heavy downpour, the river burst its banks and the water flooded in the township and its environs thus destroying houses and property of the people. The main highway between Bo and Kenema was completely cut-off to vehicular and human traffic with villages along the riverbank seriously affected as several mud houses were swept away by the heavy flooding thereby leaving many residents homeless.

Police personnel from Southern region were very helpful in assisting the people to move to safer locations and securing whatever property they could salvage. The police also secured the Hungbayei Bridge to prevent further disaster and protect motorists until the water subsided.
According to Global weather reports, Sierra Leone was identified as one of the West African countries that will receive heavy monsoon rains in the coming days. Because of this the police have stepped up their presence in the streets to be able to help people in need.

The Inspector General of Police Francis Alieu Munu has instructed Commanders to continue to monitor the situation and provide the necessary support needed to assist the people when required in a bid to mitigate further loss of life and property.


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