APC has accepted change as a political reality -Ernest Bai Koroma


Opposition leader, Mr.Ernest Bai Koroma, said today
that his party has accepted change as a political
reality and the APC was now on the verge of
re-inventing itself.



Delivering the keynote address at the launching of the
New Jersey Branch of the APC at Franklin Township,
Somerset in New Jersey this evening, Ernest Koroma
affirmed that with change and re-invention by his
party in mind, the APC will be going into the 2007
elections to win and bring back “good leadership” to
Sierra Leone.

Amidst rapturous cheers from Party stalwarts , Mr.
Koroma said that the APC has accepted democracy as one
of the realities of change in Sierra Leone . The APC supports the
concept of Multi-Party Democracy , within the vortex
of change in Sierra Leone . Change and democracy

have been adopted by the party and the APC was now
ready to provide inspiring governance for Sierra
Leone, he went on .The APC, he asserted , was now
participating within the parameters of the democratic
framework of Sierra Leone.He described the SLPP as
undemocratic and declared that the APC was the only
democratic party in the nation.

Outlining the achievements of the APC, Ernest Koroma
said that most of the infrastructure in Sierra Leone
were constructed by the party. He also said during the
APC rule, the party kept the nation intact and
cohesive and everybody was given the opportunity to
participate in government.He declared that the APC was
the only party of the people and encouraged everybody
to climb onboard.

Mr. Koroma said Sierra Leone got into problem because
the people were economically and socially
marginalised. He promised that when his government
comes to power, it will seek the interest of the
Sierra Leonean people.

The APC leader lamented Sierra Leone’s ignominous
position at the bottom of the U.N development index,
and the fact that 60 percent of the people lived under
the poverty level, while only 30 percent had access to
clean water.He regarded these as very serious problems
which he called on all Sierra Leoneans to work
together to address. He said that certain social and
economic programs must be put in place to alleviate
the suffering of the common man. He stated that only
the APC was poised to provide leadership that will
improve the lot of Sierra Leoneans.

Ernest Koroma spoke about donor fatigue and said that
if Sierra Leone must develop, Sierra Leoneans
themselves must must provide initiatives for national
development.He promised that the APC will provide the
environment for the success of these initiatives.

Mr . Koroma rocked the hall with laughter when he
recounted a telephone conversation he had with a
Sierra Leonean in the U.S. who complained that he was
tired of living in America and urged Koroma and the
APC to go back to Sierra Leone and develop the country
so that he would return.He indicated that the person
did not understand the new dispensation and that the
responsibility to develop Sierra Leone rested on every

Ernest Koroma was cheered off by the huge crowd.



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