President Koroma-Western Rural District in general and Tokeh in particular have always been close to my heart.

Tokeh village, along the Peninsula, in the Western Area was the scene of drumming and jubilation on Friday, 6th May, when residents from the entire Tokeh village and its environs, some coming from as far as Tombo, Bridgett, Kent and Russell Town settlement areas converged at the legendary tourist friendly village to witness   the commissioning of the newly constructed  ultra-modern health centre, the TOKEH-HAN Health Center.

The Minister of Health and Sanitation, Dr Abu Bakarr Fofanah told the community that when he received the request from the Tokeh people sometime last year for support with an ultra-modern health care facility to complement the existing one which has become too small for the needs of the community, he discussed the issue with His Excellency the President Dr Ernest Bai Koroma. At the same time that the Tokeh people placed their request, there were several other such requests on the table of the President. But because of the special affection that the President has for the Western Rural District and his intention to make the district a model one by the time he leaves office, the President directed that the request from the Tokeh community should be prioritized amidst thunderous applauses. His Excellency the President personally instructed Ambassador Omrie Golley, our Ambassador to the Republic of South Korea to exploit the possibility of attracting funding for the project. Ambassador Golley wasted no time in putting across the very compelling case for supporting this initiative to the Medical Peace Foundation in Korea.

The Minister further went on to say that when the Ministry of Health and Sanitation realized that the funding from our benefactors, the Medical Peace Foundation need augmenting, the Ministry was thinking of requesting for a community kind of levy to fund the gap. President for the second time intervened by saying that the construction of the facility should come at no cost to the Tokeh people and requested the Finance ministry to work with the Health ministry and close the gap. The Minister further told the crowd that H.E. the President recognizes the fact that the Western Rural District is the fastest growing district in the country and that the Health Ministry is actively working towards ensuring the district have it own District health Management team with a resident District Medical Officer in Waterloo among cheers from the buoyant crown.



The High Table: Front Row – L-R: Dr. Abu Bakarr Fofanah, Ambassador Omrie Golley, Dr. Kwang Eun Park and Chairman Alhassan Cole

As a result of the laudable and exemplary leadership of President Koroma, today, just two weeks after the ‘MUNKU’ launch of a four lane Wellington – Masiaka Highway project, and one week after another ‘MUNKU’ commissioning of the Sierra Akeer Food Processing plant in Grafton, we are witnessing another ‘MUNKU’ commissioning of an ultra-modern health center in Tokeh. From here we are driving straight to Gbabai Village in Koya Chiefdom to inspect the site for another ‘MUNKU’ construction of a similar ultra-modern health center. In a few weeks from now the people of the Western Rural will converge at Waterloo again for another ‘MUNKU’ ground breaking ceremony for a 100 bed hospital fully equipped with two (2) operating theatres amidst deafening applauses.



The Newly Constructed Tokeh – Han Health Centre

Among the dignitaries that graced the occasion are the Western Rural District Chairman Alhassan Cole, the Honorable Member of Parliament for the constituency (Constituency 093), the Tokeh tribal Chief Alhaji James Slowe, the Councillor for the area who described himself as a ‘MUNKU PLUS’ among roaring laughter.


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