Pro-SLPP government All Political Parties Association ( APP) plans to disrupt Tripartite Committee ?

Even though the ruling SLPP leaders and their rabid supporters are insulting people on social media everyday, asserting that there will be  nothing tangible  in the Tripartite Committee investigations, except recommendations on future elections, subterranean moves are being made by agents of the party to cripple the committee.

A cross section of the citizenry think that despite all the assertions being made by the SLPP that the Committee will not affect the party negatively in anyway, there is something that they are not being told by both the SLPP and the opposition APC, who continue warning its supporters not to preempt the outcome of the committee.

Nobody as yet knows what recommendations will be embedded in the outcome report of the committee ,but  threats have emerged from the public on social media that if the outcome is not satisfactory with regards to the  restoration of  the democracy stolen by President Maada Bio on June 24 last year when he hijacked  the presidential elections ( for which the government is under economic sanctions and travel restrictions from the U.S ), there will be a massive uprising in the country.

There is a sense that there is something that the SLPP and the opposition  are  not telling the nation about the committee and the mystery was deepened last week when one of the country’s opposition politicians, Mrs. Femi Claudius Cole , leader of the Unity Party , posted on social media that she had heard rumours that a bogus organization called the All Political Parties Association ( APPA) , actually a surrogate of the ruling SLPP,   is planning to go to court and impose an injunction on the Tripartite Committee, which is hoping to come out with its recommendations on June 19.

Why the pro- SLPP APPA would seek to go to such e themes is puzzling many people but in Sierra Leone today , under President Maada Bio, nothing is impossible. READ :


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