Resignations Continue In The SLPP

As COCORIOKO predicted on Sunday, the spate of resignations in the opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP ) over the unwise and much-condemned decision by a group of individuals led by Mr.John Benjamin to impose the former junta leader Madda Bio as Presidential flagbearer, continues unabated. Since our publication on Sunday, three top members of the SLPP Western Area Branch have resigned . They are the Chairman  and grassroots campaigner , Mr. Lansana Fadika  ; the party’s Young Generation Leader, Central District and Deputy Young Generation Leader, Western Region, Blamoh Robert and the Regional Organizing Secretary Mr. Alpha Muhammed Lighali Alghali.
Mr . Blamoh Robert , who resignation followed Fadika’s , threw a parting shot at the SLPP, describing it as a biased and tribalistic party .
These resignations, coming at the heels of the violence expatiated on innocent All People’s Congress ( APC ) Party members by thugs of the SLPP in Bo, the Southern Capital , last Friday will be potentially damaging to the SLPP ,which is in denial that the decision to choose Bio –Who carries a baggage as an extrajudicial killer , thief and human rights abuser –has degraded the party and turned off potential supporters and the general public. While SLPP  fanatics online are busy insulting Sierra Leoneans protesting and justifying the Benjamin-led disastrous mistake, the resignations have come as an exoneration of all those criticizing the action, including COCORIOKO.
Even the statement made in the U.S.  by losing presidential aspirant, Mr. Wusu Boie Kamara, who is here on a short vacation, is pregnant with hints that he too may be having second thoughts about his recent address to SLPP Western Area cadres  in Freetown , during which  he supported Bio’s nomination and promised to  provide full support to the party.
According to a report yesterday  by SIERRA EXPRESS , in a piece in which Mr. Boie called on the Government for a thorough investigation of the Bo disturbances , the paper wrote :
“From his vacation in the United Kingdom, a disturbed Usman Boie told SEM’s CEO, Adeyemi Paul that the action of violence in Bo must be considered a breach of the peace and security of the state and must therefore be investigated.”
“He was doubtful as to how such an unwarranted and uncalled for duel could have happened in a city that is widely considered to be a stronghold of the opposing SLPP.”
“He stated, ‘How could a ‘Thank-the-people entourage’ of the SLPP pass through the APC dominated township of Mile 91 unhindered, yet face attacks in their own stronghold?’ ”
This is the question that everybody is asking.

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