President Bio’s PaOPa SLPP damage control proposed transition bill strategy


 By Tony Bee, Sydney

Fellow compatriot Sierra Leoneans, particularly the peace and development loving Sierra Leoneans please join me in asking President Maada Bio and his SLPP government if they are always thinking that Sierra Leoneans in the 60s-70s are the same Sierra Leoneans today. That is why they are doing things in the country as they like or treating their fellow Sierra Leoneans like stupid tools.

They imposed state of emergency on the people without any proper parliamentary due process. They imposed political curfew order to intimidate, molest and harass their political opponents without a proper due process. Tactically they implemented black to black (district)  “apartheid system” by dividing the country into lockdowns in the name of Coronavirus-19 protective measures.

At the same time they are suppressing the North-Western regions in order to disempower them financially and socially, by preventing them from moving freely in the country to sell their goods and services in the name of lockdown, instead of calling it north-western lockup.

SaLeone black minority  (tribe) “apartheid system,” you must bribe to buy a pass to go to one district or region to another under Maada Bio government. Can you imagine!! Ask the poor suffering people.  They will tell you more about such ungodly wickedness of the pa o pa SLPP government. The police are the beneficiaries of the pa o pa SLPP government undercover apartheid black minority system through their check-points corrupt activities.

And after you, tribalistic wicked Maada Bio and your satanic pa o pa SLPP government finished sacking your fellow peaceful Sierra Leoneans ranging from civil service, police and the military. At the same time plating your tribes’ men and women in the offices of Sierra Leoneans who are not from your tribe or region and killing some of them secretly with the pretext that they were been escaped from prison.

Now you are asking for a peace talk and transition bill, thinking that Sierra Leoneans are still sleeping in their wings. Calling for such damage control bill is a complete insult on the intelligence and integrity of patriotic peace loving Sierra Leoneans in and out of the country.

In the midst of continuous intimidation, molestation, harassment, unlawful arrest with unlawful detention of them provokingly calling for a damage control so-called transitional bill at the expense of your compatriot Sierra Leoneans who you are treating like slaves, forgetting that there is a tomorrow.  Now, because they love peace, stability and development in the country, you want to continue taking them for granted by calling for a piece talk and transition bill.

If you think you will be free from the holes that you are digging/dug by trying to psychic the minds of the development-oriented Sierra Leoneans through the process of trying to table a damage control so-called transitional bill you are dreaming, because NO current or modern Sierra Leonean that is fool. Therefore, no secret about that you will surly go to reap what you sow. Sierra Leoneans are no longer fools like in the “Stone Age”.

In those “Dark Days” it was very difficult to know what was going on in the country, particularly for Sierra Leoneans living outside the country and the international community, especially in terms of political violence and political muggers that destroying the country directly or indirectly. The information storage systems were also too poor as compare today’s diverse information storage systems all over the world because of digital technology.

In view of that, in the Age of modern technology, there is nothing human being will do during the day or in the dark that will not come out immediately. In May 31first 2019, when the Bio pa 0 pa SLPP government vandals and barbarians brutalised the APC supporters in their Head Quarters office,  evidence of the violent attacks were recently been redisplayed widely to remind the Sierra Leoneans and the international community what took place on that historic day. During the 60s and 70s, it was very difficult to have such photos, videos and audios for lack of modern digital information storage and dissemination systems.

Therefore, those mentioned periods were known as the “Dark Days” of the political history of the country. The fact is during those periods awareness and enlightenment were not much in place. The reason being there were not enough or good digital technologies in the country, such as smartphones and digital cameras to dissemination information as quickly as possible as I said. But today because of modern digital technology storage and dissemination systems there is no more secret. In view of that President Bio, there is NO more hiding place for wicked evil leaders.

However, you might be interested to know that in some of my postings to the WhatsApp, I normally ask President Bio and his SLPP government if they usually think critically and logically at the pros and cons of certain decision/s that they are taking or want to take before they will make their final decision/s.

That is whether the decision is on the interest of the people; especially the poor and needy in the country or it is for the interest of their Pa O Pa SLPP government to strengthen their stay in governance.  

Therefore, if only if, I may ask certain question/s, before my conclusion, why imposing state of emergency, curfew order and indirectly adopting black minority, (tribe) apartheid system” in the country? Is it a tribalism and regionalism strategy process to destroy the people of the North-West? Time will tell when the day comes.



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