Sierra Leone’s biggest , most-vibrant and forward-marching opposition under siege from panicky, undemocratic government and corrupt judiciary

The All People’s Congress (APC )—Sierra Leone’s biggest and most vibrant and forward-marching opposition —-is paying the price for resting on its oars and tamely conceding power in 2018 to a President and political party that thumbs their noses at political civility, human rights, constitutional conventions and the rule of law. The APC can see now that it should have done all it would have taken them not to have allowed President Bio and the Sierra Leone People’s Party ( SLPP ) to have wrestled power out of their hands , know how devious, venal and Undemocratic the SLPP. Can be.
APC should have done its best to remain in power and continue the remarkable socio-economic and political developments they were engaged in and made the SLPP to continue languishing in the opposition. This is because the SLPP is up to no good, whenever they control power in Sierra Leone . They engage in zero development projects; they enthroned tribalism; they trash everything from human decency , human rights to the rule of law. Additionally, the SLPP go the dog’s end whenever they are in power to destroy the APC beyond repairs. They are never content at just ruling the country. They are so unsure of themselves , lack so much self-image and so afraid of their shadows that they spend all the time seeking to destroy the APC than to rule the people and develop the country.
Take an example at what the SLPP  are capable of doing . Spanner was today  put into the works of the APC Convention, which was supposed to have been held in Port Loko this weekend to endorse  the party’s new constitution.
There is no doubt that this is a concerted, diabolical and well-orchestrated plan to set the APC back , with a frightened panicky and cowardly government covertly pulling the strings behind the scenes and the intra-party rebel group , the so-called National Reform Movement {NRM ) members as puppets on an invisible chessboard. Shame on the SLPP Government. That was why though they passed the the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC ) corruption index, AMERICA would not grant them an MCC compact. White people are not fools . They will indulge you and caress your ego with diplomatic jargons and jingles but will not really give you what you want.
The SLPP is frightened of the APC regrouping and launching a determined bid at power once again. They are doing everything to put stumbling blocks in the APC’s path.
Why do you blame the SLPP ? Somebody might ask. It is because we have reliable intelligence that the plan to abort the APC Convention was hatched at State House . The plot has the dirty paws of the SLPP all over it. They are the ones covertly using the NRM. We are aware of the secret meetings . We also do not miss the fact of SLPP operatives fully involved in having the convention stopped.
The lawyer who filed the case on behalf of the NRM is unrepentantly SLPP. The judge who decided the case at short notice is SLPP.
Also, as others have observed, look at the speed with which the injunction was assigned to a judge and decided in favor of the NRM. This is the same judiciary that has been worse than the tortoise in its slowness to handle more important political and constitutional cases that have been taken to court by aggrieved citizens. The cases are still pending. The Chief  Justice–an operative of the SLPP Government–has not seen it fit to assign these cases to judges . They are not important because the defendants are the government. But this time, because the defendants are the opposition APC, the case was filed today and within minutes the attorney general assigned it to a judge and within minutes the injunction was heard and the judge delivered a ruling, against the opposition, of course !!!!! If this is not a government operation against the APC, you tell me what it is.
It is a shame that the unfaithful NRM would allow itself to be used by opponents of the APC to drag the party down.

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