Dear Mr Musa,

I would like to commend you for a well written article . Your ideas are good and your message is well in place . But I want to defer with you on one statement: ” So fellow compatriots, the youths are not as bad and irresponsible as projected by the APC” . I don’t know if you mean SLPP because the APC ‘s presidencial candidate is a yuoth never mind the gray hair on his head. Your party intrim leader who to my knowledge is criss- crossing the globe as a self imposed presidential candidate of the PMDC who has yet to be elected at a party delegates conference you know when was born in 1945 while the APC candidate and leader was born in 1953 . 8 years difference.
I would also want you to know that the APC in its entirety has never  maginalized the youths of Sierra Leone . The APC is the only party with a YOUTH LEAGUE  recognized all over the country . The very executive of this present APC Party  is comprised of youthful men and women who came into national politics to rescue the country from abstract governance and cultural curruption that has turned the country to a begger nation  by ( to quote your words) recycled politicians .
The APC became currupted  when it was embeded by the SLPP members to form the One Party State Government. They came to the party in different modes . Some by conviction because they   wanted to be in the political process for their own selfish ends especially when they had a relationship to the leader  Siaka Stevens like the Minnahs and Banyas and Berewas. Some were coersed like the M.S.Mustaphas because the party needed them for their Muslim and creole following and the rest of the people were made members by the constitution when the country was decleared a one party state . That was when the culture of curruption started .   Unfortunately , these same embeded SLPP turned APC manipulated the overthrow of the Momoh regime that culminated into the episodes that led to the over throw of the NPRC . Of course you know the rest of the story .
This APC is an all APC with a new leader that had never been contaminated in the political cultural curruption of Sierra Leone like Solomon Berewa AND Charles Margai  who had been found wanting for giving an under the table contract (not bided for ) to his wife in his Ministry when he was Minister of the Interior and Rural Development. When he was asked in New Jersey if that was not curruption since he promised to end curruption in his first 100 days if elected, he said the constitution of Sierra Leone does not ban any minister or government official from giving any contract to his wife or relative . I guess you are a young bright and intelligent man. You , I hope ; understands what the word NEPOTISM means and what it entails in terms of curruption . I want you to understand that nepotism and greed are the basic tenents of evil in our society . If Sierra Leone is classified today as the porest country in the world it is because of nepotism . And your flag bearer , a Lawyer by profession , thinks he could find loopholes in the constitution and takes advantage of it at the expense of the nation and a down troden people who are voiceless and vulnerable to all kinds of  evil by their lord masters !!! Really, if you are actually looking for a better Sierra Leone after July 28 2007 , Charles Margai is not the answer . He is as currupt and arrogant as Solomon Berewa who is also legalizing his illigal bid for the presidency . The constitution has clearly stipulated in section 56(h) that no body should be a leader of a party if you are at present a president. a vice president ,a minister and a deputy minister . Common sence tells us that the framers of that document wanted to erradicate the incubency misuse of power as it is now obtaining. A VICE PRESIDENT     is not elected .
If you were elected in parliament and then appointed to any cabinet position , you will automatically lose your seat in parliament and it would be filled again by an election to be conducted by NEC. YOU can be elected a presidential candidate without being party leader .Political parties could have national party chairmen to be party leaders every 5 years .A new one could be elected after every general elections like it is done in the United States. I guess that was why the framers of that document left it hanging so we could use our common senses to figure out the right thing . As a lawyer , Charles Margai’s party secretary who is a lawyer himself made an attempt to petition Berewa’s candidacy but fell short to pursue it because of greed and lust for power .Thinking that they might win the elections , they would not want it to affect them .Again they as lawyers are using loopholes in the constitution for their own self interests. But you know my friend, the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for    good people to do northing about it .If you recognize the danger and you set a blind eye to it and do northing to stop it ; you are risking your demise or downfall .
With your brilliant ideas , I would like to invite you to the APC  . We need young men of substance like you. This new APC stands for  Action Progress and Commitment . Lawyers have failed us .
Let us try a Businessman . Let us try somebody with a good and decent character like Ernest Bai Koroma . You will never find him wanting on curruption or arrogant attitude .Charles Margai may be very eloquent and flambouyant , but he is laps in ethics and moral virlues . Engaging in nepotism and defending it under scores his base character .He might have the  charisma , but he does not have the good character that goes with the presidency of Sierra Leone we are searching for . Forget about old man Berewa . He is way out of touch with reality.  Come over to the ALL PEOPLES CONGRESS for Action ,Progress , and Commiktment. I Thank you so much ; and keep up the good work.
Mohamed Aziz Nabe 
All Peoples Congress
New Jersey Branch, USA .

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