Sierra Leone’s Anti-Corruption Chief has a brush with Covid-19

I tested NEGATIVE for Covid-19 today. I was careful to protect myself always; but I had to take the test for the sake of others – my family, my staff at the ACC, the public and all friends and loved ones.

About a week ago, I was together with my friend Dr. Sengeh’s Dad, Mr. Paul Sengeh, when he got an attack that looked like heart attack and I had to assist in the process of keeping him alive and getting him evacuated to hospital where he later tested positive for Covid-19 (as his son had narrated on Linkedin).

I knew I was safe but had to do a confirmatory test so as to protect my family, my staff, my loved ones and friends who come into contact with me. Upon hearing the confirmation of test on the subject I had been in the same space with few days earlier, I immediately self-isolated, called the Head of Covid Lab and subjected myself to VOLUNTARY testing. She sent a team to my house to take a sample from me for testing. They did and the result came back NEGATIVE. In the meantime, while waiting for the test result to now, I have not been at work on Monday and Tuesday; incidentally, I was participating in and CHAIRING a two-day virtual zoom conference with ECOWAS and the Network of Anti-corruption Institutions in West Africa (NACIWA) of which I am the Current President and Chair of the Executive Committee. So also took advantage and benefited from the isolation at home well.

I am releasing this to support the call for testing. There is no shame in testing and certainly no stigma. It ensures timely diagnosis and protects others around you. Being negative does not mean I will lower my guard; but will in fact reinforce it.

As we continue to fight corruption, let’s get tested when necessary; help Government defeat Covid-19 in Sierra Leone. We continue to thank God for his mercy and protection.

©️ Francis Ben Kaifala

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