SLPP in another shameful public relations circus : ‘Dry yaiye coba shame’

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If you are in a hole, stop digging further because the more you dig , the more you sink deeper in the mire. The opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party ( SLPP ) may never understand  this message and as a result disgrace and disappointment will always haunt their camp. For them, politics is a circus , a ‘pappy’ show and outright deception . It is not based on reality. They must keep sinking more and more into the mire because they do not believe in facing facts and  accepting reality.



SLPP Presidential candidate Maada Bio came to Britain expecting to pull off the miracle of the century at last by entering the United States where he was once expelled for domestic violence and where he is blacklisted for extrajudicial murder and grave human rights abuses while he was a junta leader in Sierra Leone. Without taking their time to first ensure that Maada Bio has received the visa, SLPP  supporters, who are past masters at deception and putting up facades, prepared posters and handbills and circulated them all over the world that their presidential candidate was coming to America  and that  dinners, talk programs and fundraising ceremonies had been planned in his honour. In discussing forums around the internet and in the pages of their online newspapers, they gloated and ridiculed those they accused of declaring that their pathetic presidential candidate will never enter the U.S.

It turned out that as usual, the SLPP was only involved in deception. Bio was not coming to the U.S. He had not been granted an entry visa . To the shock and dismay of a watching diaspora and nation, the dates of the massive Bio programs in the U.S.  came and passed. There was no Maada Bio. There was no dinner or fundraiser in Ohio or Texas, Phildelphia or New Jersey, California or New York. Shame quickly enveloped SLPP  supporters all over the United States and Sierra Leone.

And yesterday, with his tail between his legs, Maada Bio sneaked back into Sierra Leone . And  how do you think the SLPP  handled the shame and disappointment ? Any serious political party would have given themselves a serious period of  introspection into their travails with the hope of finding out why the the nation and the outside world keep rebuffing the party, AND  find solutions. This is what any political party that believes in facing reality would have done. But for the SLPP ,the merry-go-round of deceit, deception and political circus must keep spinning. The Sierra Leonean public and the outside world must continue to be fooled. This is the political mantra of the SLPP.

The SLPP  got together a few hundreds of supporters and staged another circus show in the capital in the guise of a welcoming program where  FIRST OF ALL THEY WILL BRAG THAT THEY TURNED THE CITY GREEN and where , instead of licking his wounds , Bio would talk big and rationalize deceitfully that he never wanted to enter the U.S. and that when he wants to come to America , he will. What a shameful display of deceit . Did Bio think that nobody knew what happened ?  He wanted to enter the U.S. He planned, endeavoured and attempted to enter the U.S. BUT he failed because he was not granted a visa by the U.S. To put it straight, he was denied an entry visa by the U.S. The Americans did not allow him to enter their country because of his human rights record and his extrajudicial killings.

The SLPP  are fooling nobody but themselves. The whole of Sierra Leone knows that Maada Bio did not get a U.S. entry visa. And the whole nation knows the implications of Bio not being given a  U.S. visa. He is not fit to be President . The U.S. action speaks louder than words  . And when America speaks, the whole world has spoken. And when America speaks, the whole world listens. No whitewashing of the shameful dilapidation and nauseating  signals and reality on the wall will work.

Yesterday’s public relations circus will not have its desired effect –Fool the nation. Whether a massive crown turned out or not, it was a circus show to cover up disgrace  and to Sierra Leoneans, it was  ”Dry Yaiye coba shame. ” It was the spirit of impunity at work  to cover the SLPP’s shame.

The SLPP  should stop all these  deceit and empty shows. and face reality.

Maada Bio cannot be President of Sierra Leone . He is not fit to be President of Sierra Leone and the SLPP  should stop imposing him on the nation.

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