SLPP must concede and not be a sore loser

By Dr. Abdul Rahman Kamara.

In defeat, the SLPP has been as unscrupulous in exploiting the innocence, ignorance, and credulity of Sierra Leoneans as in its 10 year stewardship of the country.

Most Sierra Leoneans and the world over believed that a run-ff was not necessary given the dismal performance of the SLPP in the August 11th 2007 election and advised Berewa to take the high road and concede not only to save Berewa and the SLPP the current embarrassment of defeat but to preserve the fragile peace. While it was obvious to the whole world of an APC victory in a run-off, Berewa and the SLPP’s only hope was to circumvent the will of the people without regard to the consequences of such actions.

The SLPP leadership must understand that there is dignity and gallantry even in defeat especially in the hands of a magnanimous coalition of the APC and the PMDC poised to start task of healing the nation.

I invite the SLPP statisticians who have promised to perform statistical legerdemain for the party, and the SLPP to refute my analysis for an APC victory even with the SLPP given the benefit of the votes purported by the SLPP in the SLPP stronghold of Kailahun, Kenema and Pujehun.

SLPP apologists’ claim that “76.1% of the polling stations reported do not mean 76.1% of the votes” is correct for the wrong reasons. They are suggesting that more votes remain to be counted than 23.9% of the total votes cast in this run-off which will be a fallacy of a logical conclusion from their statement. Such deceptive reasoning is a hallmark of these apologists.

Based on NEC results released on Thursday September 13th 2007, Ernest Koroma with 859,144 votes is leading Berewa with 567,449 votes by 291,695 votes.

Kailahun Votes:

Number of Registered voters = 185,583
Voter turnout in run-off = 185,583 assume 100% voter turnout and zero invalid votes

As per SLPP apologists:

SLPP Votes =171,583

APC Votes =14,000

This gives Solo B a positive variance of 157,583 votes over Koroma in Kailahun.

Kenema Votes:

Number of Registered voters:= 271,254
Voter turnout in run-off =217,003

With 52.5% polling stations reported, Koroma (26,631 votes) and Berewa (83,187 votes) for a total of 109,818 votes for both candidates.

Koroma + Berewa votes total = 109,818
Invalid votes so far = 2,178

Total votes countenanced in NEC Report of sept. 13th = 111,996

Votes remaining to be counted = 217,003 – 111,996 = 105,007.

Currently Berewa has 75.5% of votes and Koroma 24.5% of votes. If remaining votes of 105,007 are divided based on these percentages, Koroma will get 25,464 more votes and Berewa will get 79,542 more votes.

Positive variance for Berewa = 79,542 – 25,464 = 54,078 votes from kenema.

Pujenhun votes:

Number of Registered voters:= 98,453
Voter turnout in run-off = 78,762

With 33% of polling stations reported, Koroma has 5,926 votes and Berewa has 20,184 votes for a total of 26,110 votes. Add the 592 invalid votes and you have 26,702 votes countenanced in the NEC report.

Remaining votes to be counted: = 78,762 – 26,702 = 52,060 Currently, Berewa is getting 75.6% of the remaining 52,060 votes (or 39,352 votes) and Koroma will get 24.4% or 12,708 votes.

This gives a positive variance of 26,644 votes in favor of Berewa over Koroma in Pujenhum not yet reflected in the NEC report.

Total votes for Berewa over Koroma from the SLPP stronghold Districts of Kailahun, Kenema and Pujehun: 157,583 + 54,078 + 26,644 = 238,305.

Koroma’s current lead = 291,695

Berewa’s lead in Kailahun,
Kenema and Pujehum: = 238,305

Positive variance for Koroma over Berewa = 291,695 – 238,305 = 53,390 votes.

The rest of remaining counting will be in Ernest Koroma’s stronghold. The APC could only do better in the remaining Districts.

Berewa and the rest of the SLPP leadership, the day of reckoning is here. Sierra Leoneans will be unforgiving to you and the SLPP for your continued misrepresentations of the facts.

“Hope for a better day is the only comfort one could give to a weeping child” in this case to a sore loser.

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