SLPP : Sierra Leone’s ‘Gehgeh na Troat’

SLPP : Sierra Leone’s ‘Gehgeh na Troat’

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By Rev. Kemoh Sulimani

The Dry Eye Crew has done it again. To their many hit songs, add “Gehgeh Na Trot.” Gehgeh Na trot, tells of a lady who scorned the love of her boyfriend and walked away.   She walked off leaving the fellow brokenhearted.  His pleas for patience were ignored. Patience is a virtue most of us do not have. Soon after leaving, fate favored the poor fellow.  Things began happening for him. On the other hand, the lady’s life became wishy-washy. Contrary to her thinking, the grass was not green on the other side.  The fellow, whom she dumped, came to terms with what had happened, and worked feverishly to redefine his life. His achievements grew, as he became a sensation in town. After establishing a genuine relationship with his ‘God’ sent partner, the scorner began troubling his life. Conversely, it was too late. He had moved on and was now in a faithful and stable relationship. For the fellow, infidelity was not an option because he valued his newfound love, as much as she valued him. Consequently, the lady became his Gehgeh Na Trot; his tormentor.

The Creole language is rich with maxims that can say in a word or two, what a thousand words cannot express. Gehgeh Na Trot is one such saying that means a pain in the neck.  Literally, Gehgeh refers to a condition brought on by the overgrowth of the thyroid gland.  It is believed that the lack of dietary iodine result to this condition termed, Goiter (Gehgeh). As an aphorism, Gehgeh Na Trot refers to a persistent source of irritation, a constant snag.  It is similar to the biblical phrase, “A thorn in the flesh.” Some obscurities constantly haunt us. They are a source of misery, pain, and distress.   Unless one is sadistic, we dread anything that makes us feel miserable.

Comparatively, SLPP is Sierra Leone’s Gehgeh Na Trot.  The SLPP has set as their main agenda making life miserable for the people of Sierra Leone. Sierra Leone was in love with them, but they scorned the affections of the people. The SLPP walked away leaving unbearable conditions in the nation. The SLPP were living off the fat of the land, while hunger, poverty, joblessness, darkness, and rot overpowered ordinary Sierra Leoneans. The SLPP were “High on the Hog” and were completely detached from the struggles of the masses. The SLPP scorned the love of the nation and walked away living Sierra Leoneans despondent, and bankrupt. The SLPP basked in luxury and arrogance, while Sierra Leone was in a socio-economic mess.

Knowing that the SLPP had neglected their devotions to the nation, God gave the nation an empathetic and wise leader, President Ernest Bai Koroma of the All People’s Congress. If the SLPP walked away thinking the nation will never flourish, they got it all wrong.   Issues that the SLPP ‘abandoned’ are now being resolved by President Koroma and his All People’s Congress. The deplorable conditions and filth, the SLPP left behind, President Koroma and his APC are robustly resolving. SLPP came close to starving Sierra Leoneans to death with their lampoon promise of food security in 07. President Koroma and the All People’s Congress are providing “bread and butter” for the nation. Additionally, they have set the nation on the path to concrete food security in the near future. President Koroma is demonstrating to the nation that, “The roots of happiness grow deepest in the soil of service.” Since restoring the nation’s pride, Sierra Leoneans are pleased with President Koroma. The majority are content with the services of President Ernest Bai Koroma. The SLPP on the other hand, have sanctioned the furtive plan to become Sierra Leone’s Gehgeh Na Trot. Their objective is to harass and torment Sierra Leoneans.

The nation is enjoying a greater satisfaction as it triumph over what once mired its evolution. All patriotic Sierra Leoneans should tell the SLPP “Stop being a pain in the neck of Sierra Leone’s development.” After completely closing their eyes to infrastructural development in the nation, now they want to come back. After assuming that Sierra Leone would perish with misfortunes and unhappiness, now they want to come back. After neglecting the calls from the masses to CHANGE, now they want to come back. After keeping the nation in total darkness, now that President Koroma has brought the nation out of darkness to LIGHT, they want to come back. SLPP wants to return Sierra Leone back to the DARKNESS. They were content with misery in Sierra Leone, which is why they did nothing to CHANGE the plight of Sierra Leoneans. The SLPP is Sierra Leone’s Gehgeh Na Trot. They are a pain in the neck of the nation, as they frivolously try to obstruct the nation’s growth.

Notwithstanding the pestering from the SLPP, the motherland through President Koroma and the All People’s Congress, is on the way to affluence, and prominence. Regardless of the irritation from the SLPP, Sierra Leone is on her way to socio-economic development.  Therefore, the SLPP should stop being a nuisance. Progressive minded Sierra Leoneans rail against troublemaking, and value Sierra Leone’s desire to move forward without distractions from SLPP. As long as President Koroma effectively leads the way forward, there is nothing in the SLPP’s cache to substantiate their pain in the neck.   Let them “tote den tote,” and be miserable all by themselves. Sierra Leoneans will show fidelity to the leader (EBK) and party (APC) that transformed their lives from wretched conditions to higher standards.

For this reason, the next time you listen to Gehgeh Na Trot, think of SLPP as Sierra Leone’s pain in the neck. Think of the SLPP as Sierra Leone’s thorn in the flesh.   Think of the SLPP as Sierra Leone’s Gehgeh Na Trot. Sierra Leone looks more attractive in the loving care of President Koroma. The nation needs no meddling from the Gehgeh Na Trot party, SLPP.

Blessings & Peace

Kemoh M. Sulimani Jr.

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