John Benjamin wins Kailahun District Council Chairmanship


 Stunning defeat for Professor Septimus KaiKai as John Karimu’s man wins……..


The battle for Kailahun District has ended , with victory for former NPRC junta overlord, John Benjamin, who dealt a stunning blow to Professor Septimus KaiKai , in their race to gain a political constituency for their Presidential bids.

Both Benjamin and KaiKai want to become President of Sierra Leone and Kailahun District was their springboard for acquiring political constituency. The logic was that whoever won the dogfight to become Chairman of  the Kailahun District Council held the aces. Since he was already Minister of Information and Broadcasting, Professor Kaikai could not become District Council Chairman, but he was supporting Mr.Moinina Conteh for the position .Both Benjamin and Conteh had won the District Council elections, Benjamin returning unopposed in his constituency.

The battle was decided by big -money politics , with Benjamin,ofcourse holding the edge over both KaiKai and Conteh , especially as his bid was being solidly backed by National Revenue Authority ( NRA) Chief, John Karimu, who sprayed millions of leones into the fight.

Now John Benjamin has become Chairman of the Kailahun District Council, he also has a chance to win yet another laurel–The Chairmanship of the SLPP Eastern Region, another powerful position within the ruling party heirarchy because the incumbent, Minister of Development, M.B. Daramy , has been rendered ineffective by a liver disease.

John Benjamin is popular with the youths of the South/East as one of the young SLPP officials, but his problem had been the lack of a political constituency and his inability  or reluctance to reach out to the youths enmasse. Some of his supporters say he should also learn to appreciate .

As the Presential Elections of 2007  draws near, the Eastern Province, especially Kailahun, will be one of the hot spots from which the fight to replace Kabbah will emanate.


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