Spare us your ignorance, NGC members : Some of you know nothing about nation-building ! !


National Grand Coalition members are beginning to become very irritating with their propaganda against the sitting All People’s Congress (APC ) government .

Listening to one Kaprie fellow who claimed to be speaking from Makeni, it was obvious to me that some of these mealy-mouthed NGC members think they are talking to fools.

Downplaying and discrediting the achievements of the APC government, first of all, is not going to win them votes when the development projects undertaken by the President Ernest Koroma government are there for everybody to see.

If Kaprie truly lives in Makeni, based on what he is seeing today in the Northern Regional capital, is it the same Makeni that existed before President Koroma came to power in 2007 ? Did he enjoy 24 hour electricity before President Koroma ascended the leadership of our country ? Was Makeni a thriving business and economic centre as it is today ? Was Makeni , which boasts of its own university too, anything to write home about in education , compared to the other regional capitals in the South East ? Was there pipe-borne water ? Why is the human being so devilishly ungrateful ?. Unless the Kaprie feller is a blind man, he is the most dishonest analyst I have heard on audio.



IF Kaprie wants to join the NGC, he should do so but he should shut up with his lies and propaganda that the APC achieved nothing and that it destroyed education . The people of Sierra Leone are not blind or dumb like these NGC supporters. They surely look at the records. They do not believe everything.

Even the road network this Kaprie moron was trying to discredit, can he tell us since Independence when our country even boasted of such magnificent urban and rural highways that have made traveling comfortable ? It was only during the incumbency of President Ernest Koroma that Sierra Leone became a blessed recipient of such an impressive road network. Our country was a backward nation with pot-hole filled roads that were death traps before President Koroma came to power.

Secondly, these pigheaded NGC fanatics cannot force the nation to buy into their ignorance about nation-building. Who told them that infrastructural development is not important? Is Kandeh Yumkella not drumming it into their sorry heads that it is infrastructural development,in fact that drives sustainable socio-economic and political development in a country ? Do the NGC want Sierra Leoneans to vote for them on the basis of such asinine propaganda built around the pillars of ignorance ?

Ignorance, according to one philosopher, is a disease and it is manifesting itself clearly in the illiterate rantings of some of these NGC members on social media. Underrating the mentality of our people is a sick ploy to gain power.

The ruling APC government has demonstrated its ability to develop the nation. It has built roads, hospitals, schools, markets and improved farming. Visitors to Sierra Leone from the diaspora return with high commendation about the development projects they saw in the country. What record of such national development can the NGC boast about ? They are an excrement of the failed SLPP that ruled our country for 11 years and left it the darkest nation in the world and the most backward country in the universe.

Do the NGC think they could bully our people mentally into accepting their rubbish propaganda and give them power on the basis of such a vague platform ? What can the NGC really offer Sierra Leone that will be different from the SLPP, out of which it derived, or the NPRC junta which Kandeh Yumkella served ?

The NGC has nothing to offer our people but lies , false promises and ignorant analysis of our country’s progress. They may think that our people are too gullible and will buy into such a retrogessive manner of trying to gain power.

Show what you will do better if given leadership and stop boring us with your ignorance. Please ,Kaprie, let Kandeh educate you about nation-building if he too is up to it before you produce another audio.

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