Sam Sumana’s Case Takes A Political Twist, as APC braces for the last laugh

By We Yone Staff Writer

Ever since Alhaji Samuel Sam-Sumana took the case of him losing the position of Vice President of the Republic Sierra Leone to the Supreme Court, following his abandoning of the duties and Office of the Vice President by absconding to seek asylum at the US Embassy in Freetown and the lose of his membership of the All Peoples Congress, the APC  has been following the Supreme Court case with due diligence, albeit very little interest. This is, in spite of the fact that the party is not at all perturbed by the action of a man who vowed on public radio that he is APC and will remain APC till death and his proving himself otherwise,



Even when some ill motivated members of the public and media have attempted to dress the hired crowd who had been lurking around the court vicinity anytime the matter comes up as members of the APC who are supportive of the expelled member and in an attempt to create a picture as if the APC is divided, the party neither budged nor attempted to correct this aspersion because the party intends, and will continue, to clearly stay off the matter and allow justice to prevail.

Nonetheless, the changing drama in the ongoing court matter with the appointment of the National Chairman and Leader of the near defunct Peoples Movement for Democratic Change (PMDC) Charles Margai, aided by the scribe of the opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) Sulaiman Banja Tejan-Sie, as his lawyer, the APC has been compelled to put on its political binoculars and take an eagle eye’s view of the matter from a political perspective.

From all indications, following the political divorce between the All peoples Congress and the Peoples Movement for Democratic Change, the National Chairman and Leader of the PMDC Charles Francis Margai, is a waning political figure who like a drowning man would catch at a straw and would not sever an opportunity to bounce back to political prominence and to settle political, or rather, personal scores with the APC. And so he thinks jumping into the Sam Sumana case is an opportunity for him to settle scores and a spring board to political prominence. But it is now quite clear to the APC that after failing to provoke public unrest through its inciting comments aimed at instigating street protests against the APC government, the opposition SLPP and the nearly defunct PMDC are now in an unholy matrimony with Alhaji Sam Sumana to etch a political victory other than a constitutional interpretation of the Supreme Court case at hand.

The All Peoples Congress would want to make it very clear to all that the hired crowds who keep lurking the court vicinity at any time the case is called are identifiable members and supporters of the PMDC and the SLPP and not members of the APC. It is therefore ludicrous for a local tabloid, the pro-opposition Metro newspaper, to report in its past Friday 19th June 2015 edition that a particular APC constituency chairman and youth leader were at loggerheads that almost ended in a violent confrontation over the Sam Sumana matter at the last hearing all in an attempt to paint a picture of the APC as divided over the Sam Sumana matter. Such an isolated incident is insufficient to substantiate weird claims that the APC is divided, especially when their presence at the Supreme Court hearing was never sanctioned by the party.

Also, the All Peoples Congress remains totally unperturbed by the political dance drama about to unfold in the Supreme Court by Charles Francis Margai and his aide Sulaiman Banja Tejan-Sie as both have never in the history of this country won a legal battle. And without intent to prejudice the matter, it is the party’s overwhelming conviction that the matter will, in the not too distant future, be jettisoned by the Supreme Court.

Thereafter, as reports indicate, the three will form a political party together with Kandeh Yumkella after Kandeh Yumkella would have lost the SLPP flagbearer bid and the SLPP would have crumbled like a pack of loose cards. And like the saying, he who laughs last laughs the best, goes, the APC will have the final laugh because their party will not by chance pull 5% of the total votes cast in any subsequent election.

Until its last laugh, the APC will continue to distance itself from the Supreme Court matter but will nonetheless keep it under the prudent watch of its political binoculars and with an eagle’s eye view from a political perspective.

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