Friday March 31 , 2006

Charles Taylor disguised himself so well that he could have shown a clean  pair of heels, probably into Burkina Faso, through impoverished Chad without any hinderance. Nigerian territory could have been his only obstacle . Wearing a long , white gown and disguised as a Hausa Malllam, Taylor successfully went through Immigration without being suspected .But “Ah , money…..”, as the Liberian Comic Drama  OUR PEOPLE, ONE PEOPLE would say : Money dah devil, Oh, my people.Money dah devil “.Taylor’s run-away show was scuttled by his own money.

Throughout his life, nothing mattered to the former Liberian rebel leader and President than money. He escaped from Liberia while he was Dictator Samuel K. Doe’s  Director-General of the General Service Agency ( GSA )  with millions of dollars , meant for purchase of essential government supplies or secret safe-keeping for Doe, according to various sources.  Taylor was so cunning Doe never succeeded in having him extradcted from the U.S.  nor did the dictator get his money back.

As rebel leader , Taylor turned what was originally a worthy venture to displace a dictator into a money-making business, siphoning millions of dollars from foreign companies he made to trade in Liberia’s diamonds, gold and logging enterprises in the teritories he had captured. After that, he cast his eyes on the diamonds of neighbouring Sierra Leone and used Foday Sankoh and his satanic RUF  to rip the country of millions more dollars. Taylor had so many millions that money was his security .Well, not at the Nigeria/ Cameroon border where he was sensationally captured at dawn on Wednesday , after escaping from asylum in Calabar, Nigeria.

Travelling in a brand-new SUV  he had just bought and with diplomatic licence plates, Taylor and his escaping party consisting of his driver and a young lady, described as one of his wives, arrived at the sleepy town of Gamboru-Ngalla in Borno State , which is a border hamlet close to Cameroon. He was so remarkably disguised the Immigration officers did not discover a thing that he was the international rebel chieftain and con man who had escaped from Calabar and plunged their country into a huge diplomatic mess that could have cost Nigeria dear in economic sanctions and other cutbacks from the international community .

Once out of  Nigeria, it would have been difficult to capture Taylor . The other African nations he had to go through to get to his mentor, President Blaise Campaore in Burkina Faso , had nothing to lose and Taylor could have bribed his way through these desperately impoverished countries.  But Taylor did not contend with the advice of the crying  crookish madingo businessman portrayed in the radio drama mentioned above that “MONEY DAH DEVIL. “.

One of the Customs officers suspected that something was not right and decided , against all pleas, for the van to be searched .During the search, millions of dollars were allegedly found in the jeep, in sacks stacked in the boots. The discovery  sparked  serious suspicions and more investigations and  Taylor was called in and grilled during which it was discovered that he was in disguise and was no Hausa Mallam but the escaped war crimes suspect TAYLOR HIMSELF.

What happened to the money has not been disclosed .An earlier report that the driver and the lady pulled off after Talor was taken in for questioning proved false .They were all nabbed . THUS ENDED THE ESCAPE ODYSSEY OF THE MAN WHO THOUGHT MONEY WAS EVERYTHING. HE WAS GULLOTINED BY HIS OWN MONEY.


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