The First Phase Of Agenda For Prosperity On Course : Says Deputy Info. Min &Govt. Spokesman Hon. Theo Nichol




By Pasco Temple &  Kabbs Kanu :

Sierra Leone’s Deputy Information and Communications Minister Hon. Theo Nicol has categorically stated that the first phase of the Agenda for prosperity has begun and work has started in earnest geared towards its success.

Speaking to Ambassador Ibrahim S. Conteh Charges’d Affairs (a: I) and members of his administration at the Embassy of Sierra Leone in Washington DC USA Friday August 16th, 2013 the Hon. Minister said the Agenda for prosperity that was recently launched by President Ernest Bai Koroma in Freetown, is the third phase of the Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP) with eight pillars – scheduled to be executed in phases. “The first phase of the “Agenda for Prosperity” is going to last for five years.

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He said the “Agenda for Change” had five pillars: it started in 2007 and ended in 2012. “Apparently it some – how metamorphosed into the Agenda for prosperity.”

Though Minister Theo Nicol acknowledged some challenges in the water, Electricity, Health, Communications, Education and other sectors to name but a few: that notwithstanding, the Government is making a lot of progress in many areas including the very areas with the challenges.

He said the Government of President Ernest Bai Koroma does not believe in “quick fix” Solution; this is a government that believe in lasting solution.”

“Government is of the opinion that many people out of the country are not well informed about activities of the government in so far as the current Constitutional review and the Agenda for prosperity is concern: Even though, Newspapers radio stations and the Social Media Network exists, there is need for this type of interaction that can enable us find a common ground regarding our weaknesses and strength and also explore ways for participation in the processes. Said the Hon.Minister . Adding, “people in the diaspora are asking many questions regarding the review and amendment of the 1991 constitution.

“The Chairman of the Committee is a person with very strong character – former High Court Judge, former Speaker of the House of Parliament and Ombudsman, Justice Edmond Cowan.

“ I will also discuss with members of the diaspora, ways to facilitate their participation.

“Therefore, I will have to hold meetings with some organizations and there members in Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, New York, New Jersey, Boston and Philadelphia.

“Already the information attaché Mr. Pasco Gerald Temple has tidied the arrangements.

“So, I am here to report my presence as protocol demands and to brief His Excellency and his staff about some of my activities while here.”

In reply Ambassador I. S. Conteh welcomed the Hon. Minister and briefed him about the functions of the embassy and further expressed delight in working with him.

The Ambassador said one of his belief in so far as work is concern is “collectivism”. He said a unifying force can produce very positive and rapid results.

Present were the Counselor/Head of Chancery Mrs. Isatu Sillah, First Secretary Edward Kawa and 3rd Secretary Ms. Fatmata Dao.

In an interview with Minister Plenipotentiary Rev. Leroy Wilfred Kabbs Kanu, Hon. Theo Nicol disclosed that the committee that is spear heading the constitution review process has been set up and it has been subsequently inaugurated.

They are now collating input from various sectors from different parts of the country: and all parties including political parties and civil Society are members of the 1991 Constitution Committee.


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