The Government Buses are a Blessing!!

By Jacob Conteh

The new government buses are a blessing to Sierra Leoneans from all walks of life and all over the country. Since I arrived here a few weeks ago, I have taken a ride in a number of busses to have a firtst hand eperience on how they work, and the service is superb. You find the buses all over the city. They run very effeciently without overloading and they are relatively safe and economical. Many of us will recall how much rancour the revisionists caused while they took to social media to condemn the procurement of the buses. For these nay-sayers, they will rather see people pile on the streets than have these people in buses.

sierra leone buses


The only problem I see in buses is that riders leave their trash in the buses and since the drivers do not have time to sweep the buses at the end of each trip, some of the buses look dirty inside. I am working on an article to address this problem. What needs to happen is to either ban eating in the buses as they do in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area Transist system, or empower the driver and conductor to ask riders to take their trash with them.

Overall, the procurement of the new buses was a great move that the Koroma administration made, and critics have nothing to gloat about this time.

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