The same old Kabbah issue. The Final Chapter

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By Kai   Pokawa                                             

 Croydon  UK



For sometime now I have endeavoured on this sight  and elsewhere to assist readers in putting the record straight on the Kabbah issue relating to the commissions of inquiry.


The situation had become axiomatic when I saw even so called well educated contributors, fromAmerica, United Kingdom and even Brussels continuing to misrepresent the situation and therefore misinform the public.


May be my contributions had been too legalistic. Just when I was losing all hopes that Sierra Leonean will never understand the difference, then I saw a letter from a Mr Mundo Tombo from Bo town. It is ironic that he actually wrote to condemn Kabbah, but ended putting the record straight. He said..Kabbah has been recommended to be barred from holding office..’ Thank you Mr Tombo.

This is the point that detractors, political opponents, mischief makers or people simply with supercilious minds wanted you to forget.‘Recomended’



1.  Kabbah has never been convicted of theft, by any judicially established court of Law in Sierra Leone or elsewhere. That been the fact he can never be called a convicted thief. Kabbah has every right to institute action of Libel against anyone who makes such allegations. (Wheather it will be seditious will be matter for the courts to decide) As long as the Law remains on our statute books The Courts should never feel shy in implementing it and individuals be they Presidents or farmers should never feel constrained to use it.


2 A commission of inquiry may have recommended that Kabbah should not hold public office.but that is all. ?A Recommendation’ a recommendation had to be implemented. To my knowledge there is no record or document anywhere indicating that those recommendations were ever implemented. Quite why no one knows. I have my own theory on that.


Finally, how legal were those commissions of inquiries set up by Authorities whose very own legality was at best dubious. Since it is illegal to overthrow a properly elected Government and suspend the Constitution in the first place.


Whether we like him or not  Kabbah, has earned his good place in the history of Sierra Leone. He will leave a Country in good health, vibrant democracy, freedom of the Press, respect for Human Right, well functioning Judiciary and the Rule of Law as its underpinning factor..(We have no secrete torture chambers, and no political prisoner any where) even President Bush agrees with that. But those who break the Criminal Law will be subject to Laws of the land without exception. And finally PEACE. Peace which Sierra Leonean are enjoying now, for without peace, all the above will be but a dream. Sierra Leonean will never forget the APC years. SLPP will fight the next election on just one word PEACE. Peace in our life time.


Solomon Berewa will follow Kabbah, and will continue the Good work without a doubt. People must remember that our Party has a past and has a future, Apart from Berewa, we can choose from at least one of 10 individual men and women who can be successful leaders of SLPP  and hence Sierra Leone,  that is how rich our party is. But for now we have Kabba and then BEREWA…the rest of us will have wait our turn. we won’t leave to form another Party.There is some called LOYALTYand CONVICTION.


Happy New Year


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