Tripartite Committee ( Agreement of National Unity ) between SLPP, APC and the international community is a scam

It should be clear to anyone with a basic understanding of SL politics that the so-called tripartite committee is a huge trick—a diversionary tactic to silence or appease internal and external (donor) critics and help the govt consolidate its grip on power. Demands for the release of the polling station results were never going to be honoured. Honouring those demands will render the govt illegitimate—there’s no way it will happen. It’s like asking a thief to return stollen goods when the thief knows he’s powerful enough to keep them.

The APC has lost its edge in the fight because of greed (its leaders want to enjoy the fruits of governance) and pressure from hypocritical external donors. It has no mechanism left to hold the govt to account. It’s completely useless. BY JTL


This is Kellie Konteh
The man who terrorised Falaba District with Military Personnel, moving up and down the District with trucks loaded of Soldiers. Mounted AA. Has a guts to ulter such statement. He is just one fellow that should be punished for election theft in Falaba District…



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