*UK trains Sierra Leone sailor to secure Salone coastline*

By Ranger

The UK has funded Lieutenant Raymond Hindowa of the Maritime Wing of Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces (RSLAF) to complete the International Sub Lieutenants Course at HMS Collingwood in the UK. The Lieutenant is now trained in warfare, navigation, leadership, seamanship, and navigation to help him and his colleagues better protect Sierra Leone’s coast.


Sierra Leone has a rich, beautiful and diverse coastline, with world class beaches, great diving and better fishing. But the Sierra Leonean coastline needs to governed in accordance with international and national law. Freedom of movement and trade needs to be done legally and safely.
Lieutenant Hindowa’s newly-acquired naval skills, knowledge and networks will aid in the development of the Maritime Wing of RLSAF. The coast line and territorial waters of Sierra Leone and the wider Gulf of Guinea is a challenging maritime environment with great potential and opportunity. This opportunity continues to be seized by unscrupulous people and organisations who conduct illegal, unregulated and unreported fishing; who traffic not only drugs and weapons but people. With access to world class education and training the UK continues to support RSLAF and the Maritime Wing and help defeat the people who seek to plunder the natural resources of the coast and waters.

The UK Government and military remain committed to the unique and strong relationship they have built with the RSLAF. Defence Attache Paul Carnell said “Lieutenant Hindowa is to be congratulated on his success on the International Sub Lieutenants Course at HMS Collingwood. Continued access to UK and wider training opportunities will help secure the future of the rich, beautiful and diverse environment of the Sierra Leonean coast and waters.”

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