United States Congratulates Sierra Leone on the End of Ebola Outbreak


Embassy of the United States of America

Public Affairs Office Freetown

November 7, 2015

Contact: Hollyn Green Tel: 099 105 500


United States Congratulates Sierra Leone on the End of Ebola Outbreak

The United States Government congratulates the government and people of Sierra Leone on the declaration on the end of the Ebola outbreak on November 7, 2015. This is an historic milestone that comes after more than 17 months of intense struggle and sacrifice to end the worst-ever Ebola outbreak in history. Ending the current outbreak is a moment for celebration, but also reflection.

Over 8,700 individuals in Sierra Leone were infected with the disease during this outbreak, and nearly 3,600 perished. The victims include hundreds of doctors, nurses, and response personnel. They are heroes, and we mourn their loss while celebrating this day, which they made possible. Over 4,000 Sierra Leoneans are Ebola survivors, and they too are heroes who need our respect and support as they struggle to resume normal lives.

The United States is profoundly grateful to the countless individuals and organizations, both Sierra Leonean and international, that came together as a coalition to defeat the virus. Most of all, we congratulate the people of Sierra Leone for their strength and unity in the face of this terrible outbreak.

Experience has shown that where Ebola has occurred, it will resurface. So the United States resolves to remain vigilant and urges others to do likewise.

Sierra Leone today is more prepared than ever for future health emergencies, but more needs to be done to ensure that it never again experiences a public health crisis like the just-ended Ebola outbreak. In this light, the United States is a steadfast partner of Sierra Leone and will continue to provide robust support to the country’s health system so that it can better prevent, detect, and manage public health emergencies and promote the health of all Sierra Leoneans. ###

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