Welcome To Sierra Leone, The Country Whose Citizens Never Do Any Wrong



SIERRA LEONEANS, LET us learn to respect and obey the law, then we would not have most of our problems and we will not accuse the government of anything.

The big problem with Sierra Leoneans is that we like to test the law. We know that something is a crime but we go on and do it and when the law arises to punish us, we claim political persecution and witch- hunting. Did we forget that we caused whatever befell us because we did not respect the law?

Should we allow lawbreakers to get away with it because when an offender is touched, people will start agitating that it is political persecution and witch hunting ?



We must try to be objective. If somebody raped a woman or assaulted somebody, whatever that person’s position in the society, he must face the consequences . If I know that I am legally married to somebody , why go and marry somebody else when I know it is bigamy and that bigamy is a crime ? The question that Sierra Leoneans never ask is, did the person commit the crime ?

To us, everything is so politicized that anything that happens to us is political persecution. Nobody seeks the welfare of the victim. The public does not care for the raped and sexually abused woman pining in her corner; The public does not care for the man who has been badly beaten and dragged through the streets. The public does not care for the person whose home has been broken into by a thief ; the public does not care for the poor mother whose son had been killed by the drunk driver. If the perpetrators are politically connected to the opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party ( SLPP), ANY ATTEMPT BY THE LAW TO BRING THEM TO JUSTICE IS POLITICAL PERSECUTION AND WITCH-HUNTING.

Interestingly, if the perpetrator belongs to the ruling All People’s Congress ( APC ),  he is guilty as accused . He is always guilty even if he is later found not to have been culpable.

Two attitudes we have to get rid of are shielding and defending criminals and the “Nar Do Den Do Am” syndrome when somebody dies. In Sierra Leone, nobody dies naturally. Anybody who dies was done in through voodoo and fetish. Anybody who falls sick is being spiritually attacked by his enemies.

In Sierra Leone, everybody is a victim. Nobody is a perpetrator of crime. The rapist blames the law for bringing him to justice. The corrupt official blames the ACC and the government for prosecuting him . The careless driver blames the Police for arresting him for causing an accident in which precious lives were lost because of his recklessness. The journalist who writes a very defamatory report about an innocent individual blames the government for not practicing democracy when the law takes its course.

We have to decide in Sierra Leone if we are interested in nation-building. If we are interested in building our nation , then we have to allow the Rule of Law to operate and prevail. I am very sick of hearing all this rubbish about political persecution and witch hunting when a criminal is being prosecuted by the law.

Nar updat sweh we country ba  ?

Nobody did. The citizens of the country are just not serious about nation-building. All that bothers them is the APC/SLPP  dysfunction . Everything that happens, even when people commit crime, is an APC/ SLPP issue. And we complain that our country is backward.

We are masters of our own fate.


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