Where is the Police, as SLPP continue quest to take Sierra Leone back to the jungle ?

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The rate at which  the opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party ( SLPP ) is becoming lawless and expatiating public rudeness , disrespect for normal decorum and civilized mores and standards is becoming worrisome in a country just recovering from war. When they are  not hurling obscenities and other despicable epithets at women and other people at social networking media like FACEBOOK and in online discussion forums, or spreading lies and defamation in print and online newspapers about government officials and public figures , they are out there in the public misbehaving and holding the public hostage with absolute lack of respect for law and order and demonstrating depraved indifference to the lives and properties of innocent people.


In Bo, the SLPP  went beserk and went on the rampage and inflicted matchet wounds on innocent men and women and killing an okada driver. In Freetown, the SLPP  unleashed terror and mayhem at Fourah Bay , butchering five innocent people.  In Moyamba, the SLPP lost it against an innocent petrol dealer who refused to sell them fuel, beat him up horridly, grabbed him, tied him up and kidnapped him and deprived him of his constitutionally-given liberty for hours until the Police at Maiaka interrupted them and freed their doomed hostage. Now, the trials of these lawless SLPP  members have started . Imagine the rudeness and lawlessness they demonstrated in court  and around the city today when one of their men appeared for trial, as faithfully reported by  award-winning AWARENESS TIMES Publisher , Dr.Sylvia Blyden, who has become everybody’s fan for her biting and incisive exposures of these acts of lawlessness, bestiality and gangsterism by the SLPP.

The incidents, as recounted by Dr. Blyden, are a disgrace to the oldest political party in Sierra Leone. It is a shame that a country that was once the Athens of West Africa and the Beacon of Light of Africa is systematically being turned into the Wild, Wild West by political psychotics calling themselves SLPP. It is a shame to leading SLPP  operatives like Maada Bio, who is the prototype of the lawless cowboy of the Old Wild West fame, Jesse James ; John Benjamin, whose behaviour fits the profile of the old cowboy, Billy The Kid and Khadi Sesay , who could fit the description of the cowgirl, Calamity Jane. These  outlaws have infested their supporters with the spirit of lawlessness and banditry.

Last week, COCORIOKO  called on the Government to crack down on the lawlessness fast taking hold of the country. We reminded the government that it has a sacred duty to protest the lives and properties of innocent citizens, especially as Sierra Leone heads into elections this year. We enjoined the government to ensure that anarchists do not hold the nation hostage.

Today, our call is on the Sierra Leone Police Force. Though perceived as very corrupt, the Sierra Leone Police Force is one of the finest and best-trained in West Africa. We call on them to live up to their billing by imposing law and order and public decorum. We are too civilized and have come a long way to rebuild our society around  much-cherished values like respect for constitutional democracy and the rule of law. We cannot have the SLPP  reintroduce a society controlled by brutish beasts.


The first day’s proceedings of what is proving to become the most sensational court case in recent memory have just ended. State versus Councillor-Elect Mohamed Kanu-Mansaray and Others has seen the first prosecution witness take the stand this morning. He was the victim, Mohamed Koroma. Koroma explained to the jam-packed to overflowing courtroom of how he was slapped and beaten up at Moyamba Junction and accused of being a ‘basta-pekin’ for supposedly wasting the time of the SLPP members after which, upon seeing their belligerent attitude towards him, he gave them their money back and told them he was no longer interested in selling fuel to them.

At this point, he said after they collected their money back from him, they swiftly bundled him into their Jeep and braced him firmly into the Jeep’s trunk following which the Jeep took off. He recounted of how his brother, Lamin, upon being alerted of the kidnap of his brother, gave chase to the Jeep on board an Okada (motor-bike) and when he caught up with them a few miles before Mile 91, was screaming out at the kidnappers to STOP! STOP! STOP! shouting that it was his brother in their trunk.

At this point, the victim said the kidnappers told his brother that if he drove his motorbike near or passed them again, they would hit the motor-bike and damage him. At this point, he said his brother shouted out to tell them he had taken down their Jeep number. At this, according to the victim, the Jeep attempted to hit the motorbike again and went off at even higher speed. On arriving at Mile 91 a few minutes after this incident, the Jeep stopped with the victim inside and asked for the way to the Mile 91 police station but then even after they were shown the location of the Mile 91 police station, they continued to drive past Mile 91 at high speed and passed through several towns until they drove with him into Masiaka where the police told them that they had been on alert for a green jeep with number AFQ 968 which had kidnapped a victim at Moyamba. During cross-examination, Sulaiman Banja Tejansie asked the victim why did he try to sell fuel to the men even after they called him a basta-pekin and slapped him.

Meanwhile, all the accused were denied bail again and sent back to Pademba Road prisons. Today, it was an interesting spectacle to behold as the Fourah Bay supporters and other SLPP members took over the court with massive “MAMMIE CUSSES.” It got to be so bad that at one point, the Magistrate stormed out of the court room in disgust and refused to re-enter until the SLPP LAWYERS advised their supporters to comport themselves. After the case ended and the SLPP members left the court, they streamed out into Cotton Tree and Siaka Stevens Street area hurling “MAMMIE CUSSES” at President Koroma, the APC hierarchy and just about anybody else they had angst for. One street hawker furiously told them that their words and action were very bad and in the presence of journalists, they turned on the street hawker and strewed the contents of her tray all over the streets and slapped her.


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