Who is the Journalist of the year : Philip Neville, Kabs Kanu, Olu Gordon, Paul Kamara or Tam-Baryoh ?

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Ladies and Getlemen, nominations for the most prestigious Aureol Times (As incorporated by Yours Truly) Awards are now open. Feel free to send in your nominees:

1. Nominees for Journalist of the year.

1. Philip Nevile (2) Kabs Kanu (3) Olu Gordon (4)Paul Kamara (5) Davi Tam-Baryoh.

2. Nominees for Chimney Sweeper of the year:

1. Solomon Ekuma Berewa (2) Hindowa Momoh

3.Nominees for the best gbain (omole drinker)

1. Philip Faboe 2. Alpha Wurie

4. Nominees for the best sleeper in his wings
1. Ahmad Tejan Kabbah (Unopposed; he dae sleep na im wing bad)
5. Thug of the year
1. John Benjamin 2. John Karimu 3.Maada Bio 4. Sema Dumbuya

6. Careless Goal Keeper

7. SHARPOLOGY/ Pamlampo of the year

1.Ahmad Tejan Kabbah 2. Solomon Ekuma Berewa 3. Kanji Daramy

Please suggest more nominations. Note it is urgent as we need to present these awards on 8th August, at an Hill Station Polling Booth, especially so in recognition of Kabbah/ Berewa’s ‘good works’

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