ABC organizes Talent Exhibition



At the completion of the two days youth empowerment  training, the Attitudinal & Behavioural Change (ABC) Secretariat organised youths exhibition with the theme: Working towards Prosperity: Youths Empowerment and Positive Attitude on the 20th June, 2014 at the WAGA Hall, Gbaiima Road, Bo City.

The exhibition targeted 150 youths who took part in the two day training and it was done to show case the talents of the identified youth groups and their support to the ABC campaign. Youths were divided into five main groups; Gara-tie dyeing, Music, Drama/film, Cultural Performance and Drawing & Graphic design.


The Chairman for the exhibition program Mr Joseph Munda Bindi who represented the Chairman Bo District Council in his statement commented on the theme of the youth project. According to him, it is a step in the new direction for a brighter Sierra Leone, thereby engaging the youths in productive life. He told the graduates to make judicious use of the opportunity and knowledge gained, Certificate to speak, and their attitudes to show the type of persons they are. He congratulated the participants for going through the intensive and interactive training and encouraged them to continue to support the ABC campaign in sending out messages of positive attitude for the development of Sierra Leone. He admonished the gathering to join the ABC forward match campaign for the betterment of oneself, the community and the country at large. “the ABC Secretariat alone cannot succeed in this campaign, therefore, there is need for all of us to put hand on deck to actualize the clarion call of President Koroma for a prosperous and united Sierra Leone.” He thanked the ABC Secretariat for the wonderful initiative and the Government of Sierra Leone for funding the project.



The Keynote Speaker Mr Talal Houdroush who represented the Chairman of the Lebanese Community Southern Region expressed his happiness  for the initiative of the ABC Secretariat in designing appropriate programs for the Sierra Leonean Youths. He commented on the wordings inscribed on the T-shirt; “Positive Attitudes is key to success” and pledge the loyalty of his community in the promotion of youths activities in the region. He appealed to all Stakeholders to come onboard in this transformation process and give the youths the maximum support they deserve to add value to their talents and make them productive self employed.

The Chairman ABC Talented Group, Southern Region, Mr. Thomas Humpah expressed his appreciation for the youths program and outlined the relevance of the project. ”This project is very important  and  timely as it helps us to identify our talents and adding more values for the sustenance of our future.”


The Traders Union Chairman, Mr. David Moses, told the youths that this is the first time he has witnessed this type of youths gathering and according to him, he is quiet convinced that youths of today are very developmental oriented, as a result, he promised to do business with the youths by sponsoring and promoting their products in the market. And stressed to them that any time they need any help, his door is always open.

At the exhibition, the different groups were called to showcase their talents through action and exhibition of their finished products, so in doing this, donations were made from different stakeholders who were present .At the end of the programme, Certificates were distributed to all the participant .

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