Bravo to peace -loving Sierra Leoneans for saying No to promoters of violence in our country


By Tony Bee, Sydney, Australia


Please peace oriented Sierra Leoneans in and out of the country join me in thanking our poor innocent, defenceless and powerless masses in the country that the power hungry politicians wanted to push in the streets of the towns and villages in the country to go and die for them in the name of p demonstration or protest for fuel price increase by government. We should thank them, especially the youths that they normally use as scapegoats for NOT yield to such unpatriotic and un-nationalistic call that would have led to the loss of their precious lives, properties through looting, burning their houses, towns and villages as we can see what is taking place to other counties, like Nigeria, Somalia, Kanya, Burkina-Faso etc.


The failed demonstration or protest that was scheduled for last Monday was a real pacesetter for power hungry hunters that the poor and defenceless Sierra Leoneans in the country are no longer stupid or fool. NO violent blood thirsty politician will use them again like tools of stupidity at the expense of their valuable lives with those of their school going children.


The hard fact is, our powerless and defenceless people in the country are now quite aware that the unpatriotic and greedy pa-o-pa politicians in the country are always fooling them. Whenever, they are hungrily desperate for political power in the country they use the poor people as their bait. Especially the youths who they always use as tools to execute their diabolic plans at the expense of their valuable lives and the nation. Sending their own children abroad to learn book. Brainwashing the poor masses children to go and demonstrate for them.


How can you incite the poor defenceless people in the country to go out in the streets to demonstrate or protest for you while you are living in comfort in America, Asia, Australia, and London or in other African countries? Why don’t you go to Freetown to go and lead the demonstration if you are honest to yourself or really fighting a genuine cause?


But to show your dishonesty and criminal unpatriotic attitudes and behaviour, even the publicities you have been making many of them you didn’t give your true identity. That alone is a real criminal act and deceitfulness against our poor suffering people that struggling to get something to eat with their children. While you and your children, family, relatives and loved ones are enjoying enough good food.


The Monday failed demonstration was a signal to us the promoters of peace and development in the country that our poor, powerless and defenceless masses in the country are listening to us. Therefore, they have given us more encouragement to fight more against enemies of peace and development in the country. They are also telling us that they prefer to live in a peaceful country than living in violence or war environment that will rob them off their human being dignity.


As I said, the unpatriotic and unnationalistic wicked Libyan rebel Foday Sandkoh Green Book remnants in and out of the country comfortable sitting abroad eating good food, drinking  good water, driving expensive cares, sleeping in good places, enjoying good medical facilities and above all sending their children to good schools and good universities.  While the poor, poor people in the country are struggling day in and day out in trying to get their one and only day meal with their children who they cannot even afford to send them to school. These pa-o-pa politicians wanted them, the poor masses to go and die for them in the streets by brainwashing them in the name of hardship in the country. While they have their unpatriotic wicked political ambition plans in their sleeves. For 65 years you have been fooling our poor innocent people in the country. Enough is enough, of course you have reached the retired age. Therefore, you have to retire now from politics, especially from violence or war like politics that is not good for our struggling nation.


However, we do understand and accept the real fact that things are very hard in the country, especially because of the recent fuel price increased. But honestly speaking living in a peaceful environment is very important than living in a conflict or war situation that you will have no say. The fact is rebel pa-o-pa criminals will loot your house and at the same time burn it for you. You will have nowhere to report or complain.


They will burn down your towns and villages you have nobody to hear or listen to your cry. They will kill your children and family in front of you they will ask you to laugh and dance for that as they did to many of you during Foday Sankoh and others brutal war. So in terms of peace and violence or war, it is worth living in harmony than living in agony in any country, especially in Sierra Leone. I do believe that any peace loving Sierra Leonean will attest to that.


The fact is, we had 11years of brutal civil war of its kind in the world and now we are in peace enjoying its beautiful attributes. Therefore, we know how sweet to live in a peaceful environment is. Regardless of what type of hardship that is existing within such an environment peace oriented Sierra Leoneans cannot afford to lose such an opportunity of their lives.


For the fact that in a peaceful state or country one can do things as he or she likes. While in a war situation you cannot do want you like. Because your destine will always determine or control by rebel killers and looters that will ask you long sleeve or short sleeve.


So do not be fooled in the name of inflation by any power hungry individual or group of enemies of peace and development in and out of the country. They have their special political wicked violence agenda which they are well known for at the expense of your precious lives and those of your children in the country.


In view of that we should not allow such golden precious peace to slip from us in any way. In view of that we should defend it by all costs to save the lives of our poor suffering people in the country.


When a country is peaceful nobody will loot your properties, no one will burn your house, town or village without being question. But in war, someone will loot your hard earned labour, rape your wife, children in front of you without having anything to do or say as it was done during Forday Sankoh and his Green Book remnants that currently talking like they are in control of the whole world. Therefore, they can fix the country’s problems in one day (1year) before I will say in five days (5) or ten (10) years period. Forgetting that the blood and ghosts of their brothers and sisters’ Sierra Leoneans are still haunting them. They still think and feel that Sierra Leoneans are still sleeping in their wings like before.


In a peaceful country, every individual or group can talk free, especially when talking is free. One can sit in his or her home or makeshift building with his family chatting, telling stories or castigating government without fear. One can go to his home town or village to visit family, friends, relatives and loved ones. In a peaceful atmosphere, one can go to his or her farm to plant or harvest cassava, potatoes, coffee, palm tree or palm oil, cacao with his family without fear.


But in a brutal period of the jungle where those with A47guns, pistols, knives, sticks have the final say. You are completely powerless. For the fact that, all of the freedoms mentioned are completely nonexistence. You cannot even talk about freedom of speech or press.


In a peaceful country, however that country’s inflation or hardship is one must survive somehow. One must eat regardless of how small, big, sweet or not. For the fact that you will visit a family, relatives, friends and loved ones who are able to provide more than you for help or you will meet them eating they will invite or call you to join them in eating their food. But in a war situation you have no body to visit because everyone for him or shelf fighting for the safety of his or her life


During peace, hopeless rebel political power hunters will sit, stand and talk or write as if he or she will change the day to night or change the various skin colours of the people of the whole world  to one skin colour if he or she has political power today or tomorrow to fool his or her people. In a peaceful situation journalists can write all sorts of fake stories without any fear of reprisal. The so-called social or political commentators will climb at the top of the hills and mountains to make deceitful comments against their fellow peaceful patriotic citizens or government.



In a peaceful country you can go to the night club of your choice, you can sleep as you like and get up from bed as you want. You can idly go around telling peaceful and decent fellow Sierra Leoneans what type of colour of dressing they should put on. But you cannot do that in the midst of guns’ shorts. Just think about when a so-called peaceful demonstration turned sore what normally happens. Looting burning offices, houses, towns and villages is a common thing for hooligans.


In view of that in as much individual or group in the country has the right to demonstrate or protest, let that individual or group know that their fellow Sierra Leoneans also have the right to live in a peaceful environment. They also have the rights to protect their lives and properties. Therefore no individual or group should destroy their lives and properties, especially in a politically motivated so-called demonstration or protest.


I also want the enemies of peace, progress and development to know that the State Security, particularly the Police are charged to defend the lives and properties of their fellow Sierra Leoneans in the country. Particularly from the hands of unpatriotic politicians’ hooligan agents of destruction in the country.


I also what those that bent on challenging the police, especially during a politically manipulated demonstration or protest, the police have the rights to defend their own lives like any other citizens. So please comport yourself if you think it is necessary for you to exercise your right as a citizen of the country. But make sure that the rights of others are not trampled, especially their right to live a peaceful life.


Therefore I would like to appeal to HE President Koroma, IG Munu, AG J. F. Kamara and Minister of Internal Affairs Palo Conteh to put all security measures in place to deal with any demonstration or protest that may turn violence against the state and its people. For the fact that peaceful demonstration will not loot, steal, will not burn vehicles, destroy government properties, burn houses, offices, towns and villages, either hold guns, sticks or weapons.


Any demonstration that does such things is no longer a demonstration or protest therefore, it should be declared as vandals and barbarians demonstration or protest against its people and the state. For the fact that the people prefer to live in hardship than living in a war situation.


Ghana hardship during the seventies was more than Sierra Leone but there was no war for that because they love their country than their political parties or power. To them, violence or war is not a solution for hardship or inflation.


In view of that I will soon relaunch my campaign against enemies of peace, progress, development and tribalism and regional promoters in the country as I did in 2012 general elections because now is the time.  We should not sit and wait until something happens before we start to climb the top roof of our houses to shout. Now is the time to shout and to begin expose their satanic plans. Particularly their diabolic plans against the country on the guise of fighting for hardship.


So my peace and development loving brothers and sisters’ Sierra Leoneans, please let us be alert to sensitise our poor people. This time around I will also use BBC for the sake of some of our people that will be unable to buy newspapers or go to the internet to read my articles on online newspapers for free. AK47 guns and bombs do not know who is an APC supporter, neigh do the Kamajor bullets know who is SLPP supporter, therefore, they will hit and kill any individuals that it will meet.


STOP using the poor people as your bait for your hungrily desperate political ambition.

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