Manchester United are disillusioned presently by the injustice against them by so -called Referee Mark Clattenburg who cheated them of three points against Man City and another two yesterday against Burnley .

Any sane referee would have awarded us two penalties against City and sent off their goalkeeper who fouled Wayne Rooney in the goal area. And yesterday, even the British media are saying that the fouls against United were penalty kicks.

I know people will feel it is excuses, excuses, excuses but it is a fact being agreed by the media that United got a raw deal from Clattenburg, who seems to have something against United. When Chelsea beat us 4-0, nobody made excuses because the defeat was fair.



With a straight face, this Clattenberg fellow, who seems dishonest to me, keeps cheating Manchester United with impunity and the FA seems to be saying nothing about it. It is easier to always criticize Africa for some of the things we see happening in the Western world but it makes us have a bad feeling when we see these same things happening in the West and the authorities do nothing against them —-Like referees determining the results of matches people pay their hard-earned money to go and watch. .

Even the sending off of Herrera was unfair because every pundit and the media agree that it was not a bookable offence because he slipped and the momentum carried him to upend the Burnley player.

I know Manchester United are also at fault for missing so many chances , but that is not an excuse for referees denying teams blatant penalty kicks.

Do the F.A. review these matches to determine whether a referee made the right decisions ?

It is a conspiracy against Manchester United , but the team is playing well now and will go up the ladder. Mourinho is gradually restoring the high pressing and attacking game of our tradition and it was beautiful to see us dominate yeterday’s game, albeit with bad luck also playing a part. I pity Mourinho a lot because some referees and even the F.A. seem to be against him. They are probably tired of seeing him succeed.

Clattenberg or no Clattenberg, we will always love Manchester United. We know we cannot always continue winning trophies or matches but when referees determine the results of matches and nothing is done about it week by week, it makes people lose interest in the EPL.

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