NEC going to court today to seek to overturn High Court orders



NEC is going to court today again to overturn the verdict delivered last Monday by Hon. Justice Abdul Rahman Mansaray.

This move by the Electoral Commission after it had agreed with the verdict delivered last Monday is seen as a move by higher forces in the diplomatic mission to subject the Electoral Commission to challenge the courts in Sierra Leone.

Meanwhile, according to an exclusive reliable source, Guy Warrington – the British High Commissioner to Sierra Leone, is believed to be the one meddling into the internal politics of Sierra Leone.


Guy Warrington of the British High Commission is believed to have been worried over the fruitful diplomatic relationship between Sierra Leone and the Peoples Republic of China – one which is pioneered by the ruling APC Presidential Candidate, Dr. Samura Kamara, then Foreign Affairs Minister. As a result, the BRITISH HIGH COMMISSION is keen on regime change since the main opposition party in Sierra Leone has pledged allegiance to them. And this, the British are doing even against the wishes of the majority of Sierra Leoneans.

This morning, a senior lawyer in Sierra Leone expressed disgust over the recent move by NEC, saying “it is indeed disgusting for NEC to raise an issue on the judgments delivered by the High Court, after all parties have agreed to it.” He said: “This shows that there is a serious force pushing NEC against the government.”

Meanwhile, this recent move by NEC has been greeted by dismay in the Streets of Freetown. Many say that the move by the NEC and the British High Commissioner to get Supreme Court interpretation over judgment delivered by the High Court is one that will derail the electoral process and that NEC and the British High Commissioner are in the path of mushrooming another conflict, should the wishes of the majority of Sierra Leoneans are not respected.

Hence, Sierra Leoneans remain furious over the involvement of Guy Warrington into the internal political dynamics in Sierra Leone, and have vowed to RESIST any move by the British against the wish of the majority of Sierra Leoneans.

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