Maada Bio, wait until you have crossed the river before you cuss the crocodile

By Kabs Kanu

According to journalist, Mahmoud Tim Kargbo. President Maada Bio has talked   tough in Nairobi, Kenya,  against Sierra Leone’s development partners and stakeholders ( See report below ).

Bio described them as neocolonialists and

Mumbo Jumbo. The spider cannot stand on its own legs. It does not even have legs. It does not even have hands to feed itself .Somebody has to put food into that big mouth yet we keep making fanciful statements to impress our gullible sycophants.

Maada Bio is advised to wait until he  has  crossed the river before he abuses the crocodile. Any recalcitrant , arrogant attitude to the U.S and any manifestations of impunity will hurt him because he knows that he cannot fight the U.S and comes out unscathed.

Nobody can bite the hands that feed him . Bio’s arrogance will not hurt him alone. When the U.S decides to respond to him, it will plunge Sierra Leone into a very serious socioeconomic and political that will even shorten his hold on power.

Already, the economy has virtually collapsed and the government cannot provide services like electricity and water . There is also a looming scarcity of fuel and government workers have started complaining that they do not receive their salaries on time. As of today, salaries for April have not been paid .So, what leg is Bio standing on to challenge the U.S and international partners?



*by Mahmud Tim Kargbo*

*Tuesday, 30th April, 2024*

Sierra Leone, a nation with a rich history and a vibrant culture, has often been subject to the influences of neocolonialist organisations seeking to exploit its resources and manipulate its policies for their own gain. In a bold and decisive move, President Julius Maada Bio of Sierra Leone has taken a stand against neocolonialism in the International Development Association gathering in Nairobi, declaring that business as usual is no longer acceptable in the continent. In this article, I examines the President’s message to neocolonialist organisations and the implications for Africa’s sovereignty and development.

*Denouncing External Interference:*

President Bio of Sierra Leone has made it clear that external interference in the continent’s affairs, particularly from neocolonialist organisations, will no longer be tolerated. The President has denounced the exploitation of Africa’s resources and the imposition of policies that serve the interests of foreign entities over those of the continent and its people.

*Affirming Africa’s Sovereignty:*

By challenging neocolonialist organisations, President Bio is asserting Africa’s sovereignty and right to self-determination. The President’s stance sends a powerful message that Africa will no longer be manipulated or controlled by external forces, but will pursue its own path towards economic development and social progress.

*Empowering Industries In Africa:*

President Bio’s rejection of business as usual with neocolonialist organisations signals a commitment to empowering industries in the continent and fostering entrepreneurship. By promoting policies that prioritise businesses and industries in the continent, African countries can build a more self-reliant and sustainable economies that benefits its citizens.

*Promoting Inclusive Growth:*

The President’s message to neocolonialist organisations underscores a commitment to promoting inclusive growth and equitable development in Africa. By rejecting exploitative practices and unfair trade agreements, governments in Africa can work towards a more just and prosperous societies that will benefit all of their people.


President Bio’s declaration that business as usual is no longer acceptable to neocolonialist organisations marks a significant turning point in the continent’s efforts to assert its sovereignty and pursue a path of independent development. By challenging external influences and advocating for policies that prioritise the interests of the locals, Africa can chart a course towards sustainable growth, economic self-reliance, and a brighter future for its citizens.

President Bio’s bold stance serves as a rallying cry for the continent to stand united against neocolonialism and work towards a more just and equitable societies for all Africans.


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