State House accused by Police Commander of ordering joint Police/Army raid at Mile 91 that led to fatal shooting of 29 year old young man

With the British Parliament expected to consider human rights abuses in Sierra Leone since President Maada Bio came to power in March and massive demonstrations being planned in New York by concerned Sierra Leoneans against President Bio during the forthcoming United Nations General Assembly, the government got more bad vibes yesterday as State House was accused of having ordered a brutal joint Police/Army raid at Mile 91 and surrounding villages that led to the fatal shooting of a 29 year old young man.

*A MUST WATCH‼**The deceased father gives testimony of police involvement in the murder of his son in Mile 91.**Plz share widely!*© *Consortium for Democracy and Human Rights*

Posted by Kamara Abu Bakarr on Monday, September 10, 2018

Radio Democracy 98.1 reported from Freetown that the armed police and army terrorized residents  killed a 29 year old man and that  the Local Unit Commander ( LUC ) , Superintendent Sesay, told them  that the bandit security officers said they acted on instructions from State House. Why , in the name of God, State House would instruct such bestiality is beyond angry Sierra Leoneans who have gone viral with the story on social media.



Women alleged that  they had been raped inside their villages on Sunday 9th September 2018 during the  early morning (5am) alleged  State-sanctioned raid by armed police and military officers who informed  frightened villagers that they (police & sojas) were sent from State House which is the highest office in the land. The raiders arrived  with heavy duty trucks and were well-armed as they descended on the villages. Some youths  were reportedly shot and wounded with at least one KILLED by the raiders.The Senior Police Commander in charge of the area, Superintendent Sesay, complained that he was not informed prior to the raid of the  villages under his jurisdiction.


On hearing of the raid and with with villagers fleeing in panic, the Police LUC Sesay said he headed there and met  the Military and Police personnel live in action.

They brushed  him aside and say they were sent on NATIONAL DUTIES from State House , the high Office of  President H.E. Brigadier (rtd) Julius Maada Bio.

Human Rights activists and journalists accompanied by the elected parliamentarian *Hon. Aaron Koroma,* headed  up to the area. They gathered  facts with audio interviews to bring the news to the World’s attention.



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