Tired legs 4 APC Presidential aspirants!!!

  By Gunther Daramy :

Certainly! The race to succeed incumbent president has become marathon.
The ruling All Peoples Congress Chairman and Leader, Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma, has proven, without any iota of doubt, that, he is indeed a political coach.
Though resilient, presidential aspirants eying the top seat to succeed President Koroma are beginning to show tired legs.
Do not blame me for my view. Maybe, some presidential aspirants are becoming cold feat. They have disappeared in the social media, including among other media of mass communications.
Managing the expectations of people within the party had been a serious problem. You have different categories of people in the race-one set, for sure, had to do with those that stood their necks to resuscitate the party during the days of wilderness and those whom of course, supported the course of President Koroma and the last, but, certainly not the least, those whom were attracted by the fine leadership style of President Koroma.
Looking it from a broader lens, it is my view that, at this material time what is top most is the party’s interest. If political pundits are correct, then the tallest interest of the APC must be victory for the APC in the next presidential polls irrespective of the age, size and other unconstitutional requirement being draw by alarmist.
Why President Koroma should be supported to achieve a peaceful transition?
Say what you may, President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma, will go down the annals of history as the most productive Leader of Sierra Leone. The manifesto that saw him into power: ‘‘Agenda for Change’’ was moderate and realistic. And one has to explore a serious theoretical framework to know that he actually did not achieve everything, but truth is, he made attempt to revive them for sustainable kick up.
Who does not know that the attitude of Sierra Leoneans is one of the biggest problems affecting the country?
Koroma changed the political perception about people and party politics.
He changed the notion of politics being a game of deceit. He maintained the marriage between People’s Movements For Democratic Change, until the weeding expired in 2012.History had it that the late Ahmad Tejan Kabbah (of blessed memory) was not able to maintain the bond between the SLPP and PDP because of serious internal pressure. President Koroma, unlike his predecessor, stood firm to ensure agreement between him and PMDC were maintained. I need not explain further the children that were born out of the PMDC marriage who are still playing huge role for the APC. He extended political leadership in every nook and cranny of the country; he gave honour to traditional authorities, football stakeholders, stakeholders in the entertainment industry; stakeholders who are fish mongers; heads of other political parties-including ‘winning and dinning’ with *humorist Osman Tarawallie aka ‘Salone Donald Trump’.*
Additionally, nearly every sector of the country had witnessed huge transformation.
President Koroma has pointers in Health, education, agriculture, energy, youth empowerment and the like. Facts on this will be expanded on during the election.
*Two Dozen or More Candidate: Who will win for the APC hands down?*
National Secretary General of the APC, Alhaji Dr. Osman Foday Yansaneh has conceded that this is the first time the party is having a ‘Chinese contest’.
Of course, every paid-up member of the party has right to contest so long as you meet the Constitutional and party criteria. The maturity being shown by the party hierarchy is worthy of emulation, given the factuality that despite the high number of aspirants vying for the same seat, the party had not recorded a case where fans of opposing camps will draw daggers openly, compared to other political parties.
*Decisive Action, A Must:*
Whether one likes it or not, the APC will select or elect who will represent them in the 2018 presidential elections. President Koroma earlier this week re-echoed that he is committed to preside over elections as stipulated in the National Electoral Commission timeline.
*My recommendation:*
All of the candidates are qualified to run under the party’s ticket but it is apparent not all can achieve a national appeal and win the next election.  The APC is extremely a popular party and the party continues to grow. Despite the gains being made by the party, there are still high levels of disgruntled people out there whose expectations were not met or suffice to say, as in the voice of economist, human being wants are unlimited. *‘Tok are go, talk am cam’* (frankly) – the women and the youth are the key target for winning the next elections.
President Koroma has raised the bar very high. The next Presidential candidate of the APC should command few qualities of President Koroma, tallest among them, had to do with the factuality that, he or she must be rich, charismatic.
In the quest for sustainability of the legacy of President Koroma, the individual must be a proven victor with strict focus to enhance the party in line with contemporary approach to the socio-economic and political development of the country.

The individual should be someone who is well prepared to lead a country, which is in a hurry for development.


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