AU Assembly adopts 19th Report presented by President Koroma

AU Assembly adopts 19th Report presented by President Koroma

By State House Communication Unit

Since assuming the role of Coordinator of the African Union Committee of Ten Heads of State and Government on the Reform of the United Nations Security Council, President Dr Ernest Bai Koroma has changed the trajectory of the campaign for the Reform of the United Nations Security Council from a low key affair to that of a highly visible and unchallenged position which carries the weight of legitimacy in terms of addressing Africa’s non-representation in the Permanent Category and under-representation in the Non-permanent category. To further build on the gains made so far, the Coordinator and the C-10 have committed themselves to re-energise the canvassing of the Common African Position with the aim of achieving tangible progress.


During his presentation of the 19th Report of the C-10 for adoption by the AU Assembly today, Tuesday 4th July 2017, President Koroma highlighted the key elements of the Draft Decision which builds on previous Decisions such as reaffirmation of the Ezulwini Consensus and Sirte Declaration as the only viable option to redress the historical injustice the continent continues to endure; reaffirmation of the Intergovernmental Negotiation process (IGN) established by Decision 62/557 as the legitimate forum to continue discussions on the reform process; urging African Union Member states to remain firmly committed to preserving unity and commitment to the Common African Position, as well as the need for all AU Member states to include in their Foreign Policy priorities the issue of advancing the Common African Position and the inclusion of a common language in statements at the United Nations and other international fora in promoting the Common African Position.

The president went on to note that the Decision also calls for placing the Common African Position as a strategic item on the agenda of the AU Assembly. “With the support of this Assembly relative to the unity of our purpose around our shared aspirations and values, we have consistently presented, advocated and canvassed the Common African Position, which, I am proud to report, is now widely known and appreciated by Member States of the United Nations participating at the Intergovernmental Negotiations in New York, compared to where we were some ten years ago,” he said.

According to President Koroma, the 19th Report builds on the last 18th Reports and underlined the following: (i) update on the IGN process against the background of the history of reform process; (ii) efforts made by the C-10 to advance the Common African Position, including the Fourth Consultative Summit held in Malabo in May, 2017 and briefing sessions with some key stakeholders in New York, held by Sierra Leone’s Foreign Minister in January and June 2017; (iii) some general observations on the reform of the UN Security Council; and finally (iv) conclusions and recommendations, which largely encompass the key recommendations of the Malabo summit.

He urged the Assembly of the African Union to stay the course, continue to speak with one voice, and remain united on all aspects of the UN Security Council reform process. He further called on all African countries, based on decisions reached in Kigali and reiterated in Malabo, to withdraw membership from all other Interest Groups, including the newly established “Group of Friends of the UN Security Council reform”.

President Koroma also thanked the Assembly of the African Union for allocating funds to facilitate the activities of the C-10.

The report was therefore adopted by acclamation by the AU Assembly.

Stay tuned for more on the activities of His Excellency Dr Ernest Bai Koroma, President of the Republic of Sierra Leone.

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