Wednesday December 14, 2005

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Comments:  Dr. Bundu has shown the caliber of public servants we all should
model. With his intent to return to the public fray, he decided to do what we
the patriotic peace loving and progressive people of the world have been asking
President Kabbah to do in his Beoku- Betts conclusions. As a leader you’re
obligated to the people you serve and therefore should always be obliged to
report and explain to them your actions

.I was  once in a priviledge position to assert that from the outset, Ngor
Cherinoh did nothing wrong legally, though there could have been some ethic
mis-steps in the passport deals. Yet with Tejan and Solo trying to not only woo
the international community for money ,but the local populace ,and their hunt
for money and wreck any formidable source of opposition ;trumped up criminal
charges against people who never committed any crime. But if Sierra Leone was  a
country where people like Joko smart and all those yellow Heads at Aureol could
be of importance to the development of the society ,at least someone would have
triggered an independent investigation into the matter bearing in mind that much
of what we’ve gone through over the last decade was a result of callous and
silly misuse of the Justice system with absolute corruption at the highest level
of our leadership. But no one ever ventured to ask probably not to” burn their
bridges “, courtesy Julius Spencer.

I may not personally like Abass Bubdu ,but for his symbolic sense of openess and
responsibility to the masses,i dove my heart. This is  how open and democratic
institutions should operate. Alllegations must be addressed for God’s sake.
But who cares if TJ can become the most travelled foreign leader to Ghadaffi’s
Libya  just because the Arabs don’t deal in checks but brown envelops. No
national pride evoked for the Colonel’s involvement in the RUF/NPFL carnage-
rather just a praise singing of the peanut offer TJ continue to receive form his
muslim buddy. Can someone please count for me the number of times the president
have visited Libya compared to his war torn interior.

To conclude, Sierra Leone intellectuals especially the higher institutions
should come out and speak loud. After all ,universities are built and maintained
to be an engine for development of a nation. So why have our learned professors
kept such a nerving silence on events in sierra leone. The diaspora
intellectuals have indeed engaged the system but not a single opinion paper from
anyone within the universities- what’s going on. I know this is a very sensitive
subject but, like the Havard head ,Summers who propped a thorny subject of male
/female IQ matter ,some one need to remind the universities that it is high time
we hear from them ,if only the silence is not for fear of burning bridges for a
possible ministerial appointment.
once more kudos to Abass.
So will Solo now apologise to Bundu?

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