Ambassador Patrick Ojong flays Victor Foh

I have followed with utter disgust the utterances of Victor Foh making rounds in social media.
It is very unfortunate and disingenuous of Victor Foh to unashamedly say the things which to a large extent are dangerous, baseless and full of fallacies. I have elected to challenge you Victor on some of the claims you made in your utterances. I do so firstly as your Senior in The APC Party as well as someone more knowledgeable and experienced about the history and workings of our Party.
I want first of all to thank you for acknowledging in your recent interview that you came to our Party in 1995 a new-comer compared to us,at a time when some of us were forced to seek refuge abroad by The NPRC. Need I remind you Victor that, but for that circumstance, there would have been no way you could have come close to becoming a card carrying member of The APC let alone being considered for the position of Secretary General , a position you captured from Osman Yansaneh by using your tribal Mende card. Do you need to be reminded about your Voucher gate fame of the 80’s? That in itself has made you to forfeit your claim to Statesmanship. How dishonest for you to have the temerity to publicly state that you were forced to accept the appointment as Vice President!! Et tu Victor!!
You falsely claimed that everyone had deserted the APC when you single handedly carried the Party. My question to you is what about James Laverse and others who were still with the Party. Are you telling us that they had abandoned the Party. Victor,  it is the likes of you that some of us have been warning Ernest Koroma about the danger of bringing such sycophants to the Party in the so called New APC. History has now absolved some of us.
It doesn’t take a Political Scientist to read through your hidden agenda. I can easily deduce from your behavior that what you are strenuously trying to achieve is for us to expel you from the Party which we have a preponderance of evidence to do, so that you can easily go to Ngor Bio and say well they have kicked me out of their Party so now I want to join you in your “New Direction “. Victor do you have to be told you do not have any political currency in today’s political dispensation. So zip it up and good riddance.
SIGNED Amb. Patrick Ojong. Charlotte, NC. USA.


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