Monday March 13, 2006

First_Name:  Munda
Last_Name:  Tombo
City:  BO
Comments:  Ngor John,
I am happy I am not “educated” as you.I consider you literate and not
educated.To me an educated person is mannered and leads by eaxmples which
generations after him would crave to emulate.I don’t think any Sierra Leonean
will wish for his son/daughter to take after you. I went to a school whose Motto
is: “MANNER”S MAKETH MAN” and not education Maketh Man. It is that Manners that
you totally lack and therefore cannot engage in any discussion without been

Ngor John what education does one need to understand what words like “San-San or
raray boy, carwasher and bike reader mean in Present day Sierra Leone?.
You are always talking of having done this and that for Sierra Leone while you
were Ambassador. But Ngor John that was the job you applied for and got.Are you
telling me that you did not know your job description before you applied for the
job? So why we do have to pat you in the back for doing a job you were paid to
do?. Like any employer would do, when President Kabbah found out that you were
no longer fulfilling your job descriptions he fired you. Remember Ngor John your
job was not a labor contract. Your employment was at the pleasure of your

Where in my postings have I ever glorified the APC? I only mentioned the APC in
my posting because of your perception and expressed apprehenssion about PMDC,s
partnership with the APC. I said if you were to worry about any party working in
parnership with the APC, it is the SLPP. Just look around. Is that glorifying
the APC party or the peole who destroyed the APC and the nation

Ngor John don’t let me belive Dennis Saidu.
Yes, I did say your business is flourishing in Nigeria. What I was trying to
convey to you is that if you have had that business in Sierra Leone and employed
those Raray boys they would have been law abiding    people.
You stated that you cannot invest in Sierra Leone because govt owes you money.
What a patriot! Need I say more.
Ngor John I’ll pass on your invitation for a poyo orgy. I don’t drink but you
are welcome to Bo.

I am not educated and don’t understand English as much as you do. Let me just
remind you that I am not an Englishman to feel insulted that I do not understand
my own mother tongue. I am glad you did not insult me by telling me  I don’t
understand mende, Temne, Madingo and Susu. You once claimed to have lineage to
these tribes. I would like to converse with you in these languages.
I am proud I can speak these languages.
Ngor John,
You Just Don’t Get It!!


Thursday March 9, 2006

First_Name:  Denis
Last_Name:  Saidu
Comments:  John Leigh Needs Mental Emancipation
I had always vehemently resisted so many Sierra Leonean’s suggestions that John Leigh needs a mental emancipation. But when I read his letter to Mr.Wai, I really had no choice but to succumb to those Sierra Leoneans who had always suggested so. When I read that letter or trash, I really perceived how frustrated, depressed and mentally ill John Leigh is and how desperate he is to vent out his dangerous mental venom on every Sierra Leonean. John Leigh needs a mental emancipation.
But again, when we reminiscence into his political involvement in Sierra Leone in the past eight (8) years or so, one can certainly conclude why he is behaving like a wild goose. Some of us had been always angry with the kind of treatment that had been meted out to that man in that country since he surfaced in the lime light of the politics of that nation. I must confess that I used to revere that man and therefore thought he had always been treated unfairly, little realizing that those who had been close to him in all occasions, knew him better.
For those who don’t know, that man called John Leigh had been used or misused, abused and dumped by the  Kabbah led SLPP to where he belonged. As if that was not enough, Mr.Leigh vied again for the SLPP leadership in Makeni last year. On that occasion, he was not only duped and dumped by the SLPP leadership, but by the very people whom he relied on to campaign for him and then nominate him. No one rose up to nominate him because even his campaign chairman by then knew that the man (J.Leigh) needs a mental emancipation. I was so vexed and mad when I read that news on line that I nearly smashed my monitor, but today, the action of his campaign team has been vindicated, because that man needs a mental emancipation.
Now, John Leigh, who has no more hope in his Sierra Leonean compatriots and even the country, has resorted to drinking ?poyo’ at ?poyo’ bars, hahahahahaha. Very soon, he will be dumped again by his ?poyo’ drinking association in ?bomeh’ and then eventually by the ?omole’ drinking association, who knows where? We therefore have to be on the watch out after his final ?omole’ dumping. Indeed, John leigh needs a mental emancipation.
However, I want to advice Mr.Leigh not to despair, that with PMDC he will find hope and solace.  A PMDC led government in Sierra Leone will certainly get more psychiatrics to assist Dr.Nahim in Sierra Leone to help people like him who are in desperate need of mental emancipation. Indeed, john Leigh needs a mental emancipation.
I know this wild goose is going to come out after me after reading this piece. But let me assure him that this piece is just a ?sheeeeee’ and that I have all my stones in my hands, mouth, ears and every where (arsenal), ready to throw at him, because he is what we say in Sierra Leone, “fol wae nor dae yeri sheeeee.” Indeed, John Leigh needs a mental emancipation.

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