APC, a Party of Values, VP Foh says it all

John Baimba Sesay

Loyalty to a political establishment is core in maintaining the very foundation upon which it is built. A loyal membership is the driving force to the rise of a political entity. This is in addition to internal Party unit.

The All People’s Congress (APC) Party has for decades remained a key player in Sierra Leone’s political state of affairs and development aspirations. Be it in the area of development-as in the country’s infrastructural drive, to building solid international image, ties and reputation, it always has been under the APC as a Political Entity.
The leadership of President Ernest Bai Koroma has not only brought credibility and respectability to the Party, but has also ensured the very foundations upon which the Party stands are sustained and cherished. His leadership has been astute, politically viable and one that could be hard to forget. Difficult to let go!Fact be stated, President Ernest Bai Koroma has positioned the Party in an extremely solid foundation. That should be sustained. Add to that, the Party should work on building on his legacies. That the President remains popular towards elections should make clear what he has been to the Party.

It is good to have Party faithfuls, implicitly or explicitly, making known their intentions to succeed the President. But there is more to it. The Party has structures, laid down rules and above all, the Party’s leadership is still intact, working on its national agenda for country growth. Thus, It would be politically prudent and logically acceptable to support the President in accomplishing his national agenda now than talking about succeeding him. A true party faithful should be thinking along that line.

This is what the Vice President, Victor Bockarie Foh has been calling for. He knows, the Party’s survival rests on its membership, but he has always maintained, the Party cannot allow people with a desire to bring rancor into it, to succeed. This is just acceptable and straightforward.

In Port Loko, on the 13th May, VP Foh called for the Party’s values to be respected. Sure, this is what should happen. The other day, he told a gathering of Party supporters, the Party is not for sale. Fact, also! The APC has ideals, values and traditions that should be respected. They cannot be circumvented. It is not about money; it is about the internal structures that should be respected and maintained. When the Party was dying, it took its current leadership to bring it to life. This should not be ignored. Clamoring to succeed the President now is indicative of desperation. Pure and simple!

Amb. Victor Bockarie Foh has no desire to offend anyone. This should be known. But he also has the moral duty, as a major player in the Party, one that has seen it all, to make things clear and bring to light those factors that may have the potentials to undermine the very survival of the Party. He will never ridicule anyone within the Party. His statement that the Party was not for sale was within an acceptable framework, given that, as it is at the moment, there is only ONE LEADERSHIP and again it is not about money. The general ambition should be to ensure the Party wins pending elections and to work in tandem with the president’s agenda. Anything beyond that should not be accepted.

Victor Bockarie Foh has always seen the APC as a grassroot Party. One that is built around the masses. He has continued to use his humility to persuade the grassroots to think and vote for the Party, as one that cares for them. He is a loyalist, a trusted lieutenant of the President. His views also matter when it comes to the party growth. He would rather have the APC win elections than see it go into political oblivion but that can only happen when we support the President today, tomorrow and until the Party arrives at a decision on succession.

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