APC Must contest Elections from Kenema and Kailahun


The APC MUST contest the election results in all of those areas where the SLPP has declared APC NO GO areas. The results should either be VOIDED,and another election held in those areas with the offending SLPP party being taxed for the cost, or in the alternative if they cannot pay the cost of another election, then they will forfeit with all of their votes being invalidated.



Sometimes I wonder how these “Tribalists” can be so fickle. It is a known fact as sure as daylight that one to one the SLPP could kick the APC’s Butt anyday in these constituencies. I might even dare to say that they could whoop a combined APC PMDC team any day. Why then would the John Benkamins, John karimu, Ambassador Foyah, and others act in a manner which they know would discredit the votes that they could legally get. The answer is simple. They cannot dare do that in the North or heaven forbid in the Western area.

If they were smart, what they should have attempted to do was create that same confusion in the western area or the north and in effect cause people not to vote which would more likely affect the APC than them, and then allow a free an unfetterd process in the East and South where they are more likely to get votes.

But the euphoria of power, has taken its effect and these people are inebriated with the drunkeness that it induces. Now rather than see a WHOLE NATION they see TRIBE. And they exploit it thinking that it would be to their benefit but in effect it is to the detriment of the NATION.

Early results reaching me so far do indicate that the APC is CRUSHING the SLPP ANNACONDA STYLE in Freetown and in the North where the SLPP had an equal right to campaign in a free and unfettered process unlkie the south east where SLPP hoods have baricaded polling stations and have used the whole day to illegally stuff ballot boxes to their hearts desire.

Subject: Re: APC Must contest Elections from Kenema and Kailahun
From: John K
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Allieu, I dont understand why the people in Kailahun did not allow APC/PMDC to campaign in their areas. I hope they will not turn our country into another Burundi and Rwanda. Indeed, the people of Sierra Leone need a change and a positive one too.

Subject: GREEDY POLITICIANS don’t want our grass root to learn
From: Almamy Razak Tun Seray-Wurie Si
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Kailahun is lacking in Grass Root Empowerment and some people refuse to learn
Wise Men Do Not always Come From The east
In SL, Dumbfolks live in the east

Subject: Re: APC Must contest Elections from Kenema and Kailahun
From: Eddie Grant
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Alieu, even in Kenema APC is giving a very strong challenge and infact, some constituencies in that area has being won by APC. Not to talk of Bo where a huge where a huge defection from SLPP to APC took place. Now the question is, where can SLPP hope to win the presidency? All these ares indicated that Sierra Leone badly needed change and the people are ready to go with it.

Subject: Back to basics.
From: Bamaby Lans Kamara
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Back to basics.

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Counting so far shows APC is humiliating SLPP in BO town. APC is also making serious inroads into SLPP votes in places like Bonthe like Pujehun.

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