APC National Youth League Chief briefs USA Branch : Says indiscipline has no room in the APC


By Adikali Bai Daramy

The President of the APC National Youth League, Bai Mamoud Bangura, via a conference call on the evening hours of Monday 10th March 2015 briefed the youth constituents of his party in the United State of America.



The one hour meeting gave the opportunity to members of the League abroad to know the firm position of the party, more especially, on the recent development that the party took the decision to expel the Vice President, Chief Samuel Sam Sumana and Madam Kainde Bangura, among other that were disciplined by the second highest body of the APC, the National Advisory Committee (NAC)

Bai Mamoud Bangura said the APC under the charismatic leadership of Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma has witnessed tremendous change and that the party is enviable presently because of its discipline.

He stated that the  expulsion and disciplinary action taken by the party to expel the Vice President and Comrade Madam Kainde Bangura, among others that were disciplined, was unanimous and in the best interest of the party and the country at large.

He also told the APC USA/NYC that NAC, which is the second highest decision making body of the party also suspended the Deputy Organising Secretary I, Comrade Tamba Sandy and also levied find on five other women including but not limited to:  Dora Conteh, Haja Bitar, Mabinty Waterloo, Umu Naomi Barrie, and Catherine Hallowell, adding, the decision was taken by a nine-man committee.

Explaining further about the investigation, Comrade Bai Mamoud Bangura revealed an Investigation Committee was set up on November 13, 2014 by the National Advisory Committee (NAC).

“The mandate of the Committee was to investigate complaints forwarded to NAC and to prepare a report containing its findings and recommendations for the attention of the National Advisory Committee,’’ he said, adding.  “Over a period of three months, the Committee extensively interviewed and also received audio-visual evidence from complainants, accused and witnesses to back up the process.”

‘‘After the submission of the report of the Investigating Committee to the National Advisory Committee (NAC), the National Advisory Committee on March 6, 2015, convened a meeting to discuss the report,” he explained, adding NAC unanimously decided to expel Comrade Alhaji Samuel Sam Sumana from the party pursuant to Article 8 of the 1995 Constitution of the Party for anti-party activity, fermenting violence, deceit, false statement amounting to fraud, inciting hate, threatening the personal security of key party functionaries, flouting of rulings and decisions of the party, carrying out anti-party propaganda, and engaging in activities inconsistent with the achievements of the party’s objectives.

He explained further that pursuant to the same Article 8, the National Advisory Committee has expelled Comrade Madam Kainde Bangura for fermenting violence, disobedience, and carrying out anti-party activities.

Comrade Bai Mamoud Bangura said NAC also invoked Article 8 of the Party’s 1995 Constitution to suspend Tamba Sandi; reprimand Comrade Diana Konomanyi; fine and strongly warn Comrades Dora Conteh, Haja Bitar, Mabinty Waterloo, Umu Naomi Barrie and Catherine Hallowell.”

Comrade Bai Mamoud Bangura noted: ‘‘The Committee having found no evidence against Alvina Cole Showers recommends that she be exonerated.’’

He added the APC Party has been in existence for over 54 years and has continued to provide leadership for the country and that the party has no room for indiscipline.


He concluded by saying the Party will soon reach a transition period after ten years of governance under Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma. Hence, says internal discipline is crucial at the moment, as that will make party members to  work within the ambit of the party’s law.


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