APC We Build Sierra Leone



APC We Build Sierra Leone

APC built the Siaka Steven Stadium, Bo Stadium, roads in Bo, Kenema, Makeni, Magburaka, Kono, Port Loko, Lunsar, Moyamba, Pujehun, Lungi, Freetown and many other towns and cities. The APC built the major hospitals and health centres, the major government buildings and provided pipe borne water in many towns and cities and safe and clean drinking water in lots and lots of villages.

*Colleges and Universities*
APC established IPAM, COMAHS, LAW School, National school of Nursing, and EBK University of Science and Technology. APC ensured the establishment of UNIMAK and Limkonkwing University, built and renovated Njala University after its destruction during the war; now the APC is renovating FBC to modern standards, and getting a new multi-storey building for IPAM. The APC built the Port Loko Teachers College, The Bo, Makeni, Freetown, Milton Margai Teacher Colleges and the Paramedical School in Bo. The colleges are now part of the university system in the country.
APC pays over 70% of tuition fees for university education, and pays for public exams, including NPSE, BECE and WASSCE.

The APC provided pipe-borne water in Kailahun, Kono, Kabala, Kambia, Tiaima, Bo, Kenema, Makeni, Pujehun, and Yele and many more. The APC has increased access to safe and clean drinking water everywhere by also building thousands of boreholes in rural communities.
No other party that ruled Sierra Leone has done up to 10% of what the APC has built. Some of these older parties are just explainers and some of the new ones just promise lots of lies.

The APC built the major hospitals in the country, including all the newer buildings at the Connaught and the PCMH (Cottage) hospitals in Freetown. The APC built the Chinese Sierra Leone friendship hospital at Jui, the new Nixon hospital Kailahun, and reconstructed Government hospitals in Makeni, Magburaka, Bo, Kenema, Portloko, Kambia. The APC is constructing new hospitals at Kinghamman road, Regent Road Lumley, Macauley Street, and many more. The APC is constructing a health village at Kerry Town, Waterloo that will have a national blood bank, an oxygen factory, and the biggest health warehouse.
APC is implementing the Free healthcare for children under 5, lactating mothers and pregnant women and is also establishing a Health Insurance Plan for everybody.

The APC built all the major roads: Masiaka – Bo road, Bo – Kenema road, Kenema-Kailahun road, Makeni -Matotoka road, Matotoka – Sefadu roads, Rogbere- Palmlap road, Portloko- Lungi road, Regent -Jui road, Baibureh road, Wellington-Masiaka road, Taima – Njala University road, Makeni-Kabala road, Barmoi Luma- Rokupr road, Mange Bureh- Mambolo road, Lumley-Tokeh road, expansion of Congo Cross Main Motor Road, Wilkinson Road and Spur road, Hill Cut road under construction, and reconstruction of Freetown streets and roads at Kissy, Wellington, Signal Hill, Wilberforce, Aberdeen, Regent Road Lumley,

*Towns and Cities*
The APC is transforming the towns of Sierra Leone. The APC built the Makeni Township roads, Kabala Township roads, Koidu Township roads, Bo Township roads, Moyamba, Magburaka, Pujehun, Port Loko, Kambia, Lunsar, Lungi township roads and road. The APC built the Shopping Malls in Kenema, Bo, and Makeni, and it is currently building the biggest shopping center this country has ever seen at Victoria Park, Freetown, and the APC is constructing the 15 multi-storey Freetown City building.
The APC built the Sierra Leone Commercial Bank-Siaka Stevens Street, Bank of SL Kenema and the Tallest Building in Sierra Leone – the Sam Bangura Building housing the Headquarters of the Bank of Sierra Leone.

APC built all the major security buildings, from the Military Headquarters at Wilkinson Road, to The Police Headquarters at George Street, Jui Police Barracks, Grafton Police Barracks, Lungi Police Barracks, Lungi Garisson military Barracks, Kambia Military Barracks, Teko Barracks, Bo Police Barracks, Daru Barracks, Aberdeen Barracks, Construction of new buildings at the Wilberforce Barracks, Construction of 7 battalion Barracks Goderich , construction of Gondama barracks in Bo district and the construction of ONS Headquarters.

*Government Offices*
The APC built all the major Government offices in the country, from the Youyi Building to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, NEC Headquarters, Local Council buildings all over the country, offices for members of parliament at Tower Hill, new court houses and the APC is building more including The Audit Service Sierra Leone building at Tower Hill and many more.

APC built all the hydro-electric dams in the country – Dodo Hydroelectric Dam, Bumbuna Hydroelectric Dam, Bankasoka Mini Hydroelectric Dam, Charlotte Hydroelectric Dam and The Makale Mini Hydroelectric Dam.

The APC built all the big hotels: Bintumani Hotel, Mammy Yoko now Radisson Blu Hotel, Brookfields Hotel, the then Paramount Hotel (Now Defence Headquarter), Lungi Airport Hotel, renovated and completely transformed the Kimbima Hotel (Golden Tulip), and are now building a New Hilton Hotel at the site of the former Cape Sierra.
The APC got national investors to build newer hotels- Wusum, Makambo Village Resort, MJ, Conteh U and Buya Hotels in Makeni; Dorhas, Gallinas Paradise, Korbebu Village in Bo, Buya and MJ hotels in Port Loko; and the APC brought in international investors to build The Lumley Atlantic, The Place Resort, Sierra Palms, Pearl Residence, and many more in Freetown.

The APC built all the major bridges in the country: Aberdeen bridge, Mange bridge, Congo Peace bridge, Juba bridge, several bridges over the Moa River in Bo, Kailahun, Kenema and Pujehun, Mano River Bridge, Sewa Bridge, Taia Bridge, Jembe Bridge, and many more; and the APC is now reconstructing several bridges along the Freetown Peninsula, and the Gondama and Bandajuma bridges in Bo and Pujehun.

*Airport and Seaport*
The APC rehabilitated and expanded the Lungi Airport and is now expanding the Queen Elizabeth II Port.

Vote APC, the Party that Builds; the Party that Acts, the Party that does what it says.

*Vote for the A.P.C*

Don’t waste your vote on other Parties! Vote for the Winning Party!

All 4 all. Tolongbo.

No retreat, Development all the way

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