Attorney General Priscilla Schwartz sacked by embarrassed President Bio

President Maada Bio yesterday dismissed the Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Mrs. Patricia Scchwartz.

The A-G  was sacked days after the Bio Government lost the sensational Treason trial involving former Defence Minister Palo Conteh and two others.


When the verdict was announced, social media buzzed with calls by Sierra Leoneans  on President Bio to fire the Attorney General, the Director of Public Prosecution, Mr. Easmon Ngakui and the prosecutor of the case, Mr. Adrian Fischer, who is being accused of being a fake lawyer.

Sierra Leoneans believe that the sacking of the attorney general was to mitigate the tremendous embarrassment the Bio Government faced by losing their flagship treason case which the government was hoping would have finished for all times the political career of one of the most feared members of the opposition All People’s Congress ( APC ) .

Yesterday’s sacking of the attorney General also effectively ended the bluff of ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party ( SLPP )  supporters on social media that the outcome of the treason trial demonstrated the judicial independence that they claimed had been effected by the Bio Government. According to them,  it was the first Treason trial that had been free of presidential and governmental interference in the history of the nation  and they had been pouring praises on President Bio.  Now, it is very evident that the President and his government really wanted Palo Conteh to have been found guilty and his discharge by the jury was a blow and embarrassment to President Bio and the government.


Chernor Jalloh Real talk bro….the evil that men do live with them not after them….madam AG we wish u well in ur sacking….I know u have learned that country come first, instead of u to serve the people justly u decide to serve the paopa govt on things that are not correct….all of u that plan bad for major retired paolo conteh will be in shame

Ibriam Brima Kargbo Right moves if its true, cause this Priscilla Schwartz has brought ridicle , disgrace internationally and lost of huge sum of money and infrastructure to this govt because if this cooked up treason charges against Paulo

Sulaiman TimbotoThe Righteous Way Forward (Sierra Leone)
Sa lone Attorney General Sacked, 1st Casuality of fake Treason Trial. More heads may roll

Israel Ojekeh Parper Snr *Priscilla’s performance has been below average since her controversial appointment. From the onset in drafting the COI instrument which did not yield any dividend towards the State (waste of resources and time), coupled up with her statement in the much touted launching of the COI which was less to be desired.*

*The Law School uproar which created a situation in which the integrity of the Law School to be compromised for political expedience sake.*

*She succeeded in transforming the Bar Association Dinner into a political rally of any lower standards, sad state of affairs.*

*The cancellation of the mining license of subsidiary Gerald Group (SL mining) in which the International Chamber of Commerce’s emergency arbitration tribunal ruled in favor of this mining company.*

*It was very risky advice from the AG to the government of Sierra Leone to take steps to cancel the mining license, which wasn’t the right thing to do at that time, and cost Sierra Leonean taxpayers over $500 million as compensation to this mining company for damages which the government is yet to paid that money.*

*And the last nailed on the head, is her ill advice of the Paolo Conteh’s treason trial by bringing political bogus charges against an innocent man for political reasons.*


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Mamadu Juma Bah


MAIN REASON WHY DEM SACK Dr. Priscilla Schwartz.
Dem ask am for cook Kasada leaf way Na H.E. Bio im favorite but, e end up cook BITTER LEAF soup. So Paopa dem consider dat as an act of Treason.


God dea disgrace them all one by one … 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

Image may contain: text that says 'Attorney General, Dr. Pricilla Schwartz, who Presided over the botched and failed Palo Conteh Treason Trial has been summarily sacked! One down, two more to go. the firing line. Next on *1. The ghost DPP, Easmon Ngakui *2. Imposter Lawyer, Adrian Fisher'
*Lamrana Bah AYV.*
Sir, what do you think of Adrian Fisher?
*Lawyer Francis Gbabidon* well I don’t want to comment, this was the man who challenged me on the two sim saga.
I honestly don’t know where he qualified or practised his profession

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