Thursday November 24, 2005

The Vice-President of Sierra Leone, Mr. Solomon Berewa , has said that the leader of the People’s Movement for Democratic Change ( PMDC ) , Mr. Charles Margai , does not have the capacity to split votes and prevent him from winning the 2007 General Elections. Mr. Berewa made the assertion yesterday when he spoke with COCORIOKO  in an exclusive interview  about the hostile action to him at the Christ The King’s College campus last weekend by people believed to be loyal to Margai.

COCORIOKO  wanted to know from the Vice-President whether Charles Margai will  be his nemesis in 2007  and whether Margai could split the votes in the Soth/East , thus making the opposition APC win.

Mr.Berewa stated emphatically that Margai did not have the ability to do so. “He is not an organized man with a capacity to accomplish what you are asking. All Margai depends on is violence’, Berewa stated.

The Vice-President accused Mr. Margai of using children to put up last weekend’s acts of lawlessness. Mr. Berewa  He  lauded his security for heeding his appeal to them not to react to the lawlessness going on. “If they  had reacted , it is the kids and innocent people who would have suffered. ”

Since the crises in the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party  ( SLPP ) peaked this year with Mr. Margai resigning and forming his own party , there has been lots of speculation in Sierra Leone online forums and public gatherings that the incident would cause a disastrous split in the party that could create a 1967-like scenerio with the party self-destructing and allowing the opposition APC  to win.

Mr. Berewa did not think that such a scenerio was ever possible because as he said, Margai did not have the capacity and the organizational ability to adversely affect the votes.



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